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TNG V9 introduces the capability to pool places, that is share the same place location names between trees.

53 Places: The option now exists to pool places from all trees (in other words, all trees will share one set of places).

General Settings

Defaults to Assign

The default option is to assign places to trees for compatibility to previous versions of TNG.

Default setting

Not Assign Option

You can change the General Settings >> Miscellaneous section Assign Places to Trees from Yes to No so that places are no longer tied to a tree.

Change to not assign

Merge Places

If you are using multiple trees on your site, you will want to changing the default TNG option for Assign Place records to Trees to No and then clicking the Merge button to merge your places.

Places merge multiple trees.png

which will return a message that indicates that the tree assignment has been removed from all place records

Places merge multiple trees completed.png

Important: Don't forget to click the Save button after you receive the message that the Tree assignment was removed from all Place records, otherwise next time you do a GEDCOM import, your places will get assigned to Trees and you will need to go through this process again.

GEDCOM Import Impact

Once you pool places, TNG will no longer delete places that do not contain any geocode information before doing the import.

As a result, if you are cleaning place names on your desktop, an Import will no longer drop the old place names that you have cleaned up.

Previously you only needed to find place names that you were cleaning up that contained geocodes so you could delete the old place names, which you could do with the Maintenance - Places with no Events report.

Once you pool places, you need to find all the places that you have cleaned up.

The Maintenance - Pooled Places with no Events report provides instructions on how to create a report that identifies these places. The report creates an external link that allows you to verify that no events are linked and to delete the place.

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