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Can we preserve digital photos like our ancestors preserved their photos?

The disadvantage of digital photos is that it is difficult to write in the back of the photo. However, with the editors that support the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) standard for information that can be embedded into a digital photo or the Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) open standard, one can accomplish the same thing as writing on the back of a photo by labeling digital photos.

TNG displays the IPTC tags when the Show Extended Photo Info option is set to Yes in Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Media section.

The following web pages offer valuable information for preserving information with your digital photos using IPTC and XMP metadata tags. There are likely other software packages that support similar capabilities.

Adding IPTC tags

For a good overview on digital labelling of photos see Ken W. Watson's discussion on Digital Labelling

For a good discussion on IPTC and XMP meta data tags, see the using IPTC and XMP metadata tags

See TNG Community Forum discussion on XMP tags not being displayed and on adding $text variables for the additional tags.

Creating Captions

Ken W. Watson's site further shows how to make the caption a visible part of the photo on his Visible Captioning of Digital Photos page, which shows both a manual procedure and how to use BreezeBrowser to generate the caption.

Archiving Photos

For a discussion on see Storing and Archiving Digital Photos

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