Recaptcha V2 Implemented

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TNG version: 12.0.0

TNG v12 implemented reCaptcha v2 or the No Captcha reCAPTCHA Add-on Security: The nocaptcha reCaptcha mod has been incorporated into the standard code

TNG v12 provides the TNG_captcha.php reCaptcha file with TNG v12. Note that this is a change in behavior. While the captcha hooks have been in TNG since TNG v6 this is the first time that TNG distributes the TNG_captcha.php file.

reCAPTCHA is a free service that protects your site from spam and abuse. It uses advanced risk analysis engine to tell humans and bots apart. Visitors will only need to check a box indicating that they are not a robot.

Actions to Implement reCaptcha

In order to activate the reCaptcha, you need to:

  • get a Site Key and a Secret key from Google
NOTE: make sure you get a reCaptcha V2 key and not a v3 one
  • update the Admin > Setup > General Settings > Privacy section to add the keys obtained

Site Key and Secret Key

To get your Site Key and Secret, go to Google reCaptcha. If you don't already have a Google account you will need to create one. If you do have a Google account, sign in when prompted, then follow the instructions to create your keys.

When prompted for your site address/domain name, do NOT enter the "www" and don't put in a trailing slash. After the keys are created, paste them into the Admin > Setup > General Settings > Privacy section fields.

Admin Privacy Fields

Enter your reCaptcha keys in the Admin > Setup > General Settings > Privacy section

TNG v12 reCaptcha keys.png

Known Issue

Using Different Captcha mod

If you were currently using a different Captcha mod, the Mod Manager will now show the captcha mod as partially installed because TNG v12 distributed the TNG_captcha.php file.

You should in that case:

  • Rename the TNG_captcha.php file to TNGv12_captcha.php rather than do a Clean Up in Mod Manager to fix the Partially Installed status.
  • Install your preferred captcha mod

NOTE: the latest version of the Image Captcha Mod modifies the distributed TNG_captcha.php file so the following screen capture no longer applies to the Image Captcha Mod but applies to other captcha mods.

TNG v12 reCaptcha impact.png