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Regroup Person-Child2Parent
Summary On the Person Profile page (getperson.php), suppresses relationships between child and parent that you specify; generally, "Birth" and/or "Biological".
Mod Updated 28 Jan 2023
Download link v14.0.0.20
TNG 14.0
TNG 13.0
See the Revision History for older versions
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Author(s) Robin Richmond
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Min TNG V 10.1
Max TNG V 14
Files modified
getperson.php, admin_genconfig.php, admin_updateconfig.php;
Related Mods
This mod can be used independently of the other mods in the Regroup Person family.

Purpose of the Mod

Make the Person Profile a little more succinct by suppressing the display of the parent/child relations such as 'birth' or 'biological' that can ordinarily be assumed. The modified Person Profile is also more explicit in the way it displays child-to-parent relationships that are the same for both parents, or than involve an undefined relationship. (See the visualizations for details.)

Mod Options

A mod option lets TNG admins define a set of relation values such as "birth" & "biological", and/or those values in other languagues. (See sections below for information about "Languages other than English" and "Natural" relationships

Mod Conflicts

Any number of other mods could conflict with this mod, but there are just too many Person Profile mods to check them all. If you encounter a conflict and want this functionality, please use My Mod Support Form to let me know.

  • Version 19f of this mod is compatible with Collapse Family Children but only if Collapse Family Children is installed first. With both mods installed, the way that the Person Profile displays child-to-parent relationships less explicitly, and more like the native TNG code. Specifically
    • When the relationship to one parent needs to be displayed, and the other relationship is not defined at all,
      • Without Collapse Family Children, the modified Person Profile will display a comma before or after the known relationship so that the user can tell whether the relationship applies to the father or mother (where the father always comes first), e.g. [Adopted,] or [,Adopted].
      • With Collapse Family Children, the relationship to be displayed is shown by itself, e.g. [Adopted].
    • When both relationships are the same (and should be displayed),

Related Mods

The Mod Settings Blocks mod packages this mod's options into what I call a "Mod Settings Block", which is a set of form fields that formatted and labeled so that it stands out among other options in an Admin>>Setting form. The Mod Settings Blocks is a prerequisite for this mod; it must be installed before this mod can be installed.

This mod is compatible with, and part of, My "Regroup Person" family of mods.    [Show the family members]

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My "Regroup Person" family of mods all affect the Person Profile. All of them can be used independently of Regroup Person Profile, which was the the first and is the most complex member of the family.(I'll add that the reputation of the family has been stained by the fact that Regroup Person Profile is distinctly complex and is incompatible with an awkward number of other Person Profile mods. But, in truth, Regroup Person-Date Place is the only other member of the family that is similarly complex and invasive.)

  1. Regroup Person Profile - Rearranges the data in and spacing and formatting of the Person Profile. Also (optionally) adds siblings.
  2. Regroup Person-Branch Members - Turns each of the profiled person's branch names into a hyperlink that pops up a list of branch members. Options control whether anonymous visitors and/or logged-in users are allowed to see branch details.
  3. Regroup Person-Child2Parent - Hides the display of selected relationships (typically "birth", which would be assumed if it were not displayed) between the profiled person and that person's parents and children.
  4. Regroup Person-Date Place - Adjusts the spacing used to display (1) Event dates, places, and values and/or (2) The name/birth/death/age data for the profiled person's relatives.
  5. Regroup Person-Family Indicators - Based on Jeff Robison's Family Indicators Mod, this mod adds flags (i.e. "indicators") next to the names of the profiled person's relatives. The flags provide information about and links to several aspects of those relatives' relatives, including popup profiles and ancestor or descendant charts.
  6. Regroup Person-Gender Before Birth - Simply moves the Gender "event" so that it appears above the Birth event. (As you would expect, this mod is incompatible with Regroup Person-Remove Gender)
  7. Regroup Person-Hide Branches - Hides branch names from anonymous visitors and/or logged-in users who are not assigned to the branch.
  8. Regroup Person-Move Media - Simply moves the media files above the event map.
  9. Regroup Person-No Living Data - Suppresses display of ANY data about a living or private person the user doesn't have rights to see. By default, TNG will show some data, plus spouses, parents, and children.
  10. Regroup Person-Remove Gender - Removes the Gender event (the sex) from the event tables, leaving the gender icon next to the name as the sole representation of the person's gender. (As you would expect, this mod is incompatible with Regroup Person-Gender Before Birth)
  11. Regroup Person-Sources - Allows some source and citation data to be hidden for brevity, and to be displayed as desired.
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In TNGv13, this mod includes a typical mod subfolder, with the same base name as the mod's .cfg file. The subfolder is atypical in that no files in it are installed to working TNG folders. However, it does contain critical files that contain the mod's language strings, which the mod does not add to standard cust_text.php files. Instead, the PHP code modified by this mod loads the language strings from files in the mod's languages/ subfolder. Read more about this technique.

[Show Installation Details]


  • A working TNG installation.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.
  • You should backup files listed in the panel on the right.


  1. Remove and delete previous version of this mod.
  2. Backup the files updated by this mod. They are listed in the panel at the upper right.
  3. Download the .zip file, Extract its .cfg file to the mods folder.
  4. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files.


  1. Try using the Mod Manager Remove capability
  2. Contact me through My Mod Support form.
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BEFORE: Parent-to-child Regroup person-parent rel-before.png
AFTER: Parent-to-child

Note that the "Relationship" events are omitted.

Regroup person-parent rel-after.png
BEFORE: Child-to-parent
When the relationship is the same to both parents, the relationship is displayed once.
AFTER: Child-to-parent

As with the native code, when two relationship are displayed, the relationship with the father is displayed first.

  • If both relationships are suppressed, then no relationships are displayed, as in child #1.
  • If one of the two relationships is supposed to be suppressed, they are both displayed, as in child #2.
  • If both relationships are the same and should be displayed, they are both displayed, unlike the native code, which just displays the relationship once.
  • If one relationship is supposed to be shown, and the other is undefined, then the undefined relationship is inferred by a comma, as in [,Adopted] or [Adopted,].

(These last two rules are different if Collapse Family Children is installed; see the Conflicts section above.)

The Inner Mod Menu

This illustrates the Inner Mod Menu in the Person Profile, on a site where several mods that define Inner Mod Menus have been installed. (Depending on which mods you have installed, you may have to click on a "More mods" link where you see "Fewer mods" here.)

The Regroup Person-Child2Parent links in the menu contains

  1. A link to the TNG Wiki article (through the Wiki logo)
  2. A link to the "Mod Options" section of the Wiki article
  3. A link to the Mod Settings Block where the mod's option is edited.
  4. A link that pops up a brief description of what the mod did to the page. That popup is shown in the screenshot


The Mod Settings Block

A Mod Settings Block is an outlined subform within an Admin>>Setup program that contains the options for a single mod. What is most notable about a Mod Settings Block is that a hyperlink directly to a Mod Settings Block displays only that block (i.e. only one mod's options), not all of the other options in the form or subform. Child2parent-modsettingsblock.jpg

Languages other than English

The child/parent relationship field is one of the few instances where the TNG data entry pages use a drop-down selection list to specify data values. A notable effect of the drop-down selection list is that the stored relationship value is in English, not in the current language. In English, if you select "Birth", TNG will store the value "birth". In French, if you select "géniteur", TNG will also store "birth"..

Since we cannot reverse-translate "géniteur" to "Birth", admins of a French TNG database who want to suppress "géniteur" must specify "birth" (or "Birth"; it is not case-sensitive) in the mod options. A very advantageous side effect of this scheme is that, on multi-language sites, you do not have to specify the relationship in multiple languages - if you rely on TNG data entry pages.

But if you import your data from Gedcom files, well, the relationship values in the database will be exactly as they are in the Gedcom file, and that may mean that the data will likely contain "géniteur" rather than "birth". In this case, if you want to suppress "géniteur", you must specify "géniteur" in the mod options. And you may want to specify "birth" as well, just in case you slip up and edit a person record with the TNG data entry page.

Natural Relationships

In Heraldic genealogy, the relationship "natural" signifies an out-of-wedlock birth. Unfortunately, not all genealogy applications recognize that term or that meaning.

For example, in TNG, "Natural" is not a choice in the "relationship to parent' field. In fact, TNG provides no way to represent an out-of-wedlock birth other than in a comment, or by implication when an unmarried relationship is marked in some explicit way.

Family Tree Maker (FTM) really turns "Natural" on its head. FTM provides "Biological" as a choice for the parent/child relationship, omits "Natural", and does does not provide a way to specify "Out of wedlock". But, in its Gedcom extracts, it specifies "Natural" as the data value for every parent/child relationship that is not explicitly defined. Consequently, TNG site administrators who import data from Family Tree Maker will almost certainly need to specify "Natural" as a mod option.

Revision History

Mod Version TNG Version Date Note
                                                                                                              1. -->
v14.0.0.20 14 28Jan2023 No functional changes. Upgraded to TNGv14
v13.0.0.19g 13 3Dec2020
  1. Clarified the meaning of the mod option within the mod settings block by adding borders to the table that contains the list of relationships, and by changing the text of the "add" button.
  2. Fixed the behavior of the mod options block if it starts with the option defined but empty.
  3. Fixed the behavior of the mod options block when the user attempts to add an empty relationship value.
  4. This mod is now compatible with Collapse Family Children, which must be installed before Regroup Person-Child2Parent. (See caveats in the "Conflicts" section above)
  5. Changed the default mod option values from "Birth,Natural" to "Birth,Biological"
  6. Fixed bugs introduced by versions 19c and 19e.
Regroup Person-Child2Parent v13.0.0.19b 13 10Oct2020 Upgraded to TNGv13 and fixed the display of Child-to-Parent relationships. Parent-to-Child relations specified by the mod options were being properly suppressed, but Child-to-Parent relationships were never being displayed.
Regroup Person-Child2Parent v12.0.0.19 12.0-12.3 31 May2020 No functional changes.
  1. Renamed the mod
  2. Moved moved the mod's options to a [[Mod Settings Blocks|Mod Settings Block]
  3. Jumped to version 19 to stay in sync with other Regroup Person* mods
  4. Added an Inner Mod Menu
Regroup Person-Parent Rel v12.0.0.16b 12.0+ 24Jul2018 No functional changes; made compatible with TNGv12. 10.0.1-11.1.2+ 19 Dec 2017 Updated for new TNG version & 10.0.1-11.0 28Mar2016 Implemented a mod parameter to provide flexibility in choosing which relationship values to suppress.

Also, for TNGv11, this mod handles the display of Parent/Child relationshps in the list of children. 10.0.1-10.1.3 20Feb2016 No new end-user functionality; just added Show Mod Names functionality and dependency, and updated the mod number to stay in sync with Regroup Person Profile. 10.0.1-10.1.3 26Dec2014 Initial release; separated this mod from the larger Regroup Person Profile mod to reduce the chances and consequences of that mod running into conflicts.

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your site to the table below.

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Richmond's Genealogy Database
(See a specific Person Profile)
Robin Richmond's Genealogy Database Mod developer 14.0.0 14 English
Martius Family Hendrik Martius Half public 12.0.1 DE, EN, FR, NL
Baza danych Rodziny Jarocińskich Michał Jarociński Non-public site v13.0.0.19g 14.0 PL, EN
Vitter-Weaver Genealogy Jeffrey Vitter Public site 13.0.3 EN, FR, CH, DE, ES, IT, NO
Stammbaum der Familien Klein,Landgraf,Eckarts uvm Michael Klein Half public 13.0.2 EN, DE
Bastiaanssen Genealogy Jan Bastiaanssen Public / Private 13.1.2 EN, NL, ES
Huygens - Van de Moortel Tom Huygens Public/Private on WordPress 13.1.2 NL
Your Roots are Showing Harold Craswell Public/Private See Here See Here EN