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TNG V8 allows finding multiple relationships between 2 people.

As a result, you may want to set the initial number and the max number of relationship that can be mapped. See Setup - Relationship

Restriction imposed by the code

In TNG 8, there are two reasons, certain relationship will not be found:

  1. The new algorithm only includes "husband" or "wife" in the relationship if they are the very last link. If marriage comes in earlier in the chain, the two are not considered related. In other words,
    1. I can show the relationship from me to my 2nd cousin's wife, but
    2. I can't show a relationship from me to my 2nd cousin's wife's mother.
  2. In the new algorithm, if say "show me the relationship from A to B", then we start from A and go to B. If we say "show me the relationship from B to A", then we start at B and go to A. Following on rule 1 above then, it is possible to find a relationship one way but not the other. Using my same example, if I asked for the relationship from my 2nd cousin's wife to me, it would tell me there was no relationship (unless my some chance she was also my blood relative, or the blood relative of *my* wife).

I hope that makes sense. In v7, we would go up the tree, then down again if we still didn't find anything. That was OK, because we always quit when we found the first relationship. Because v8 allows us to find multiple relationships, that's no longer an option.

The above explanation was provided by Darrin on the User2 list on Jun 05 2010 19:21

Custom Text override

Jerry Liebowitz contributed the following custom text override as an attempt to explain the above restriction. (Note that I added a linefeed within the text below to provide wrapping for readability, but the line should be entered as one continuous line in an ASCII text editor)

//Relationship Calculator Text
$text['findrelinstr'] = "To display the relationship between two people, use the 'Find' buttons 
below to locate the individuals (or keep the people displayed), then click 'Calculate'. If they 
are not related through 'blood' but through a spouse's blood relative, try swapping Person 1 and 
Person 2 and click 'calculate' again." ;

Default Initial Relationship

The default initial relationship is set to 1 by TNG, unless you changed it in Setup - Relationship

You can either enter the personID or use the Find button to find the person to whom you to find a relationship.

Find Relationships

Refresh Relationships

Once the first relationship is shown, you can select the pull down and select a different number for how many relationships you want TNG to map, and then click the Refresh button.
Find More Relationships

Spouse Relationships

If you leave the option for Show Spouses to Yes, then spouses will be shown and other relationships through the spouse.
Spousal Relationships