Report:individuals: death causes with names

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Description: individuals: death causes with names. For privacy reasons only those who died before 1910 but you could easily take out AND YEAR(p.deathdatetr)<1910 if that doesn't bother you.

Copy and paste the text between the lines into the reports section below "OR Leave Display, Criteria and Sort fields blank and enter direct SQL SELECT statement here:" and give it the title you think is appropriate

SELECT cause AS cause_of_death, personID, p.lastname, p.firstname, p.birthdate, p.deathdate, YEAR(p.deathdatetr)-YEAR(p.birthdatetr) AS age, p.gedcom FROM tng_events AS e
INNER JOIN tng_people AS p ON (e.persfamID=p.personID AND e.gedcom=p.gedcom)
WHERE cause<>"" AND parenttag="DEAT" AND YEAR(p.deathdatetr)<1910 ORDER BY cause_of_death, p.lastname;