Reports last name prefixes

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This report creates a list of last name prefixes and their frequency. Handy if you want to make sure that your exported gedcom comes back in the same way as it was. Just enter the list behind "These specific prefixes" in the setup page under names.

This is a list I created in that way. You may use this. I THINK that this list is pretty extensive and covers most.

aus dem,von und,uit de,to del,de ter,thor zur,van't,to den,op 't ter,von thun,de van de,tho,de l',up den,des,tor,in de,del,genant,svankjær,aan de,'d,thor,a',op het,op ter,het,voor in 't,van ter,van der,de pas de,da,thon,bij 't,zum,op,'s,de van der,voor de,in 't,t',van het,l',a,to,ton,du,zu,la,op de,de la,zur,van 't,op den,op 't,le,der,'t,den,d',te,von,ter,ten,van den,van de,van der,de,van

The reports is also handy to search for people who entered a prefix which isn't supposed to be a prefix.

SELECT lnprefix, COUNT( * ) AS Total
FROM tng_people
WHERE lnprefix != ""
GROUP BY lnprefix