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Repos icon.gif TNG Repositories

TNG Repositories

A TNG Repository is a written description of the location where records are deposited or maintained. As sources are noted in your family tree it is a good idea to record the repository where the record is located. Among other things, a repository may refer to

  • a library,
  • on-line site or
  • personal collection,

eg. Family History Library,, or Thomas Jones Genealogical Collection.

TNG will automatically build the Repositories from the gedcom data import if they exist in your desktop software and are exported.

Questions regarding Repositories

TNG Sequence

TNG expects you to follow a sequence before actually citing evidence for some genealogical event:

  • create a Repository;
  • create a Source;
  • Cite the source as often as required.

TNG Cautions

When using TNG, the text you enter to create a Repository is viewable by everyone - including casual non-registered viewers ("Guests"). Be very careful that you don't enter the particulars of private information - such as the name, address, or email - of any living persons, without their express permission. This includes any 'notes' associated with a Repository.

Interaction with other software

Legacy Notes

The following notes pertain to Legacysm.jpg

Legacy Family Tree, also known as Legacy:
  • Mark Personal Repositories in Legacy as Private to prevent their addresses, email address etc. from appearing on your website.
  • Commercial/Institutional Repositories need not be marked Private so that their contact information will appear on your site.

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