Repositories - Editing Existing

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Repos icon.gif TNG Repositories - Editing Existing

  • To make changes to an existing repository, use the Search tab to locate the repository, then click on the Edit icon next to that repository.


Notes may be linked to events or to the repository in general by clicking on the Notes icon at the top of the page or next to each event under "Other Events". When notes already exist for an event, the Notes icon will feature a green dot in the upper right corner. For more information on Notes, see the Help link visible in the Notes area.

Other Events

To add or manage additional events, click on the "Add New" button next to Other Events. See the Help link there for more information on adding new events. Once an event has been added, a short summary will be displayed in a table under the "Add New" button. Action buttons for each event allow you to edit or delete the event, or add notes. The order in which the events are displayed is determined by date (if applicable), and by the event types' assigned priority (when no date is associated). This priority may be changed when editing the event types.

Note: Notes and changes to "Other" events are all saved automatically. Other changes (e.g., to standard events) can be saved by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the page, or by clicking on the Save icon at the top of the page. The Tree and Repository ID cannot be changed.

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