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Repos icon.gif TNG Repositories - Merging

  • Click on this tab to review and merge repositories that may be slightly different but refer to the same material. You will decide whether multiple records are the same or not.

Find Matches

First, select a tree. You cannot merge repositories from different trees, so only one tree can be selected. After that, you have the option of selecting a repository as the starting point for your search (Repository ID 1), or letting TNG find the first match for you. If you'd rather let TNG find all matches, leave the Repository ID 1 field blank

Other Options

Combine Notes

Means that notes from Repository 2 will be added to the notes from Repository 1 for all merged fields. If this option is not selected and a field from Repository 2 is checked, the notes from Repository 2 for that field will overwrite those for the corresponding field from Repository 1.

Combine Media

Means that media from Repository 2 will be kept and added to the media already existing for Repository 1 if the two are merged. If this option is not selected, all media links for Repository 2 will be deleted after the merge.

Warning! Once a merge has taken place, it cannot be undone! 
Please consider backing up your database tables before performing
any merge operations, just in case you merge two individuals unintentionally.

Next Match

Find the next possible match that does not involve Repository 1. TNG traverses the list of possible repositories as ordered by Repository ID in string format. This means that "10" comes after "1" but before "2".

Next Duplicate

Find the next possible duplicate for Repository 1. If this results in no record being displayed for Repository 2, it means that a duplicate was not found.


Compare Repository 1 and Repository 2. If that comparison is already displayed, clicking this button will cause the page to refresh.


Repository 1 becomes Repository 2 and vice versa.


Repository 2 is merged into Repository 1. The ID for Repository 1 will be retained, as will all other data for Repository 1 unless the corresponding box(es) are checked for Repository 2. For example, if the box next to Author is checked for Repository 2, the data in this field will be copied from Repository 2's record to Repository 1's record during the merge. Corresponding data for Repository 1 will then be deleted. Boxes for Repository 2 are checked automatically when no corresponding data exists for Repository 1. If a data field is not displayed for either Repository 1 or Repository 2, then no data exists in that field for either individual.


Edit the record for that repository in a new window. If changes are made, you must click "Compare/Refresh" in order to see the changes in on the Merge screen.

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