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Re-sequencing IDs - Sources

The following is an example of Resequencing IDs for Sources.

Before Resequencing IDs - Sources

Sources before re-sequencing

Before Resequencing IDs for Sources, the Source numbers went up to S2262 even though there is only 319 sources listed. The image shows a listing of Sources before Re-sequencing them.

Resequencing IDs - Sources

Select Resequencing IDs - Sources

To Resequence IDs for Sources, first you must be in Maintenance Mode. You should also backup your database table in the event you need to do a restore.

Resequencing IDs - Sources - Completed

Resequencing IDs - Sources completed

When the resequencing IDs is completed you will get a screen similar to the one shown.

Resequencing IDs - New Source Numbers

Sources after re-sequencing

This image shows the same source listing after Resequencing IDs.

Resequencing IDs - Sources

Sources reference in Google Search

Google Search for 1666 Census shows a source reference to TNG user site S499 which after Resequencing IDs for Sources will result in a 404 error message.

To help keep users on your site, you may want to implement the Message 404 - showsource Mod

Other Considerations

Note that if your source IDs are coming from a gedcom, the Resequenced IDs for Sources will return to original numbers after a new data import. So you will need to figure a way to get the re-sequenced IDs to your desktop. An export from TNG may be possible for some desktop software, but not for all.

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