Reverting Image Tags back to Image Maps

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TNG 13 provides a upgrade_convert_image_maps script that converts existing Image Maps to Image Tags.

The Media Tooltip mod updates the upgrade_convert_image_maps script to only convert image maps if they are associated with photos so you can continue to use the mod for media collections other than the TNG built-in photos collection.

If you created the database backup before you upgraded you might still have your previous image maps and now want to use the Media Tooltip mod to display persons names for group photos especially if you have created the tooltip image map for persons not in your database, you may be able to use the following steps to get image maps working for group photos:

Create Group Photo Collection

1. You need to create a new collection for your group photos that you want to use the Media Tooltip mod image mages instead of the TNG Image Tags
Create a Group Photo collection

Create Group Collection Folder

2. You need to create a folder for your group photos collection
Create a folder for group collection

Specify a Local Path

3. You may want to specify a local path for you group photo collection in case you use the data import or export to maintain your genealogy database and import media or at some point decide you want to export your media links
specify local path for group collection

Convert Photos to Group Collection

4. You then need to select the photos you want to convert to your new group collection
Convert Photos to new group collection

Insert Old Image Maps Definitions

5. If you still have to old Image Map definitions for the group photo, you can paste them in the Image Map textarea for your converted group photo
Paste Image Map in the textarea

Delete Image Tags

6. you then need to delete the TNG Image Tags associated with this mediaID
Photo showing both Image Tags and Image Maps
7. Optionally you can create a backup of the Image Tags before deleting those associated with the greoup photo previously
Backup Image Tags before deleting them
8. You will need to use phpMyAdmin to delete the Image Tags associated with the new group media. Repeat for each media record that you moved to a group collection.
8a Position to the tng_image_tags table
8b search by mediaID
8c select the Check All box
8d then click the Delete button
delete image tabs