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RootsMagic 4

RootsMagic Web Site

Exporting to TNG

RootsMagic 4 appears to export as UTF-8 only, so if your data contains foreign accents, you may need to convert your database to UTF-8. See

Alternatively, you can edit the generated gedcom and change the encoding to ANSI, if you want to keep your database as latin1_xxxxxxxx_ci

Helpful Hints

The following RootsMagic Forum entry provides helpful hints on getting started with RootsMagic 4.

It also includes links to the following additional help files:

  • RootsMagic Blog PDF that was created from the blog by Herb, a RootsMagic user. Insights into many of the issues related to questions that have been raised by people on the boards can be found there. New features and functionality are the focus.
  • Tip Sheet PDF put together by Bill Bienia

Geocoding Places

RootsMagic Place List provides a powerful way to geocode all your Place locations in one click of the button. Of course, you then need to manually work through the list to find the Places that were not resolved automatically.

RootsMagic like Legacy appears to have adopted a 4 position place naming standard. However, you may need to modify this approach for it to work better with TNG's Google Maps as indicated in Place name standards

Currently, RootsMagic exports LATI and LONG in either degrees, seconds, or minutes which is the way it is displayed within RootsMagic or using decimal but with a N, S, E, and W designator. There appears to be no control on what format is used. The degrees, seconds, or minutes was used in the public beta version, whereas the general available released version appears to use the later approach. While TNG 7.0.3 does not support this geocoded version in the gedcom import, Darrin has added the support to TNG 7.1.

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