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Be aware that when setting up SMTP authentification in Setup/General Settings/Mail and Registration, the Mail Password is not necessarily the one you use for your everyday mail client. Some Mail servers, such as Gmail, demand a password specific to the application using their mail service.
In the case of TNG the application is called phpmailer.
My experience is with Gmail, so I will describe their process. I assume that other Mail providers have a similar process.
Login into your Google account, click on Security then App Passwords. Generate a password for the phpmailer app, you will receive a 16 character string in return. Copy it and paste into the Mail Password box.
That's it, simple and without charge. Test it by going to the Contact Us page of your site. Send yourself a mail. If the mail is sent successfully you will get a confirmation message. If not, the page will hang for a few seconds then display a blank page. There is no hint of what went wrong.