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Replace Option

The Default Replace Option is Matching records only.

If you import all your data from a desktop program, you should change this option to All Current Data.

Note that you could import all your data from PAF for example, but manage all your media in TNG. The replace All Current Data option will not affect your media links to the personID unless you merged individuals in PAF. See Desktop gotchas

Default Replace Option

Change Date

If 'Change Date' is blank: defaults to Use Current Date.

If you do not want all records that are imported without a change date value to be set to the date of the import and thus show in the What's New page, you should change the default value to Leave it as is

Change Date Option

Living Flag

TNG will not flag people as living if they have a birth date but no death date if the birth date is older than nnn years, based on the value specified in the If no death date, assume deceased if older than 110 (years). The default value can be changed by the TNG Administrator.

Living Flag Settings

Private Flag

TNG version: 9.0

TNG V9 added an option in the Import Settings to mark people private if they died within the last nnn years

Private Flag Setting

Private Notes

TNG allows you to mark notes that start with a certain character as Private (secret flag). PAF uses the tilde ~ and RootsMagic uses the left-brace { as their private note characters. Private Note Prefix

Note that TNG does not strip the private character prefix from the notes, so on export it will be the same as what was imported.

Local Paths

See also the Local Paths settings in the Media - Import article for examples on defining the paths to import media from your desktop application.