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Setup - Media and Thumbnails

The TNG Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Media section allows you to setup how your media and thumbnails will be handled in TNG:

  • Photos Extension
  • Extended Photo Info
  • Image Max Dimensions
  • Thumbnail Setup
  • Max characters in list notes (new in TNG V8)
  • Slideshow
  • Image Viewer (new in TNG V8)

Photos Extension

  • The file extension assigned to all small pedigree-style photos.
  • Other photos need not have this extension.
  • The .jpg extension is recommended for most photos.

Extended Photo Info

Show Extended Photo Info:

  • No (default) does not display the IPTC meta data
  • Yes displays the IPTC meta data

You can use a graphics editor like IrfanView to add IPTC information to your images.

Image Max Dimensions

Image Max Height:

  • (default is not set) which will display the image in its actual height
  • 600 means to scale the image height down to 600 pixels

Image Max Width:

  • (default is not set) which will display the image in its actual width
  • 800 means to scale the image width down to 800 pixels

Note that images are not upscaled to the max height or width

Thumbnail Setup

TNG Setup >> General Settings >> Media allows you to define

  • Thumbnails Prefix: which can be
    • thumbs_
    • thumbs/
    • thumbs/thumbs_
  • Size of the thumbnails:
    • Thumbnail Max Height: 50 (default)
    • Thumbnail Max Width: 50 (default)


Enable Slide Show:

  • Yes (the default) means that the slide show is available from the image display
  • No means that the slide show will not be made available

Slide Show Auto Repeat:

  • No (the default) means to run through the slide show once
  • Yes means to put the slide show in a loop.

Note that allowing the slide show to automatically repeat might chew up some of your monthly bandwidth.

Max chars in list notes

TNG version: 8.0

The Max characters in list notes will be blank when you upgrade to TNG V8, but defaults to 350 characters. If you do not want TNG to truncate the Media Description field when listing media on the browsemedia screen you can increase this value.

Note that the 350 characters also include any HTML formatting characters such as URL links. The field is pictured below in the Image Viewer section.

Image Viewer

TNG version: 8.0

You will no longer need to modify Bret Rumsey's image viewer to control whether it applies to all media or only certain media. In V8, the TNG Admin >> General Settings >> Media allow selecting the following options:

  • Enable image viewer: which controls whether the Image Viewer is used
    • Always (TNG default)
    • Documents only -- note that this also includes user-created media collections that behave like documents
  • Image viewer height:
    • Always show full image (TNG default)
    • Fixed (640 px) in height
General Settings - Media Section

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