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Site Privacy

You set your TNG site privacy in Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings >> Privacy.
Setup General Settings - Privacy

Require Login

Require Login can be set to the following:

  • No - Normally anyone can view your public pages, with a login to see data for living individuals being optional.
  • Yes - If, however, you want to require everyone to log in before they can see anything beyond the home page, check this box.

Restrict access to assigned tree

Restrict access to assigned tree is only available if Require Login is set to Yes,

  • Yes - will cause users to only see information associated with their assigned trees. All other individuals, families, sources, etc. will be hidden.
  • No - will not restrict a logged in user to an assigned tree.

Note that the user can be restricted to an assigned branch within a tree in regards their capability to view living people or edit and delete records based on User Rights assigned.

Show LDS Data

Show LDS Data can be set to one of the following values:

  • Always means that LDS data where available will always be displayed.
  • Never means that LDS data information will not be displayed and the ability to manually enter LDS data will not be available.
  • Depending on user rights means only logged-in users who have rights to see LDS data will see it. It will be hidden from all others.

Show Living Data

Show Living Data (dates and places for living individuals) can be set to one of the following values:

  • Always to always show living data
  • Never to turn off all living information.
  • Depending on user rights will only show living information to logged-in users

who have rights to see living data will see it and then only for the Branch ID to which they are assigned. It will be hidden from all others.

Pictures linked to an individual are controlled by this setting, unless the "Always show" flag is set. Remember in this latter case that the title of a picture will show even if "No names" is set.

Recommend using Depending on user rights if you only want to allow access to Living cousins in their branch. Requires setting up branches.

Show Names for Living

Show Names for Living can be set to one of the following values:

  • No to hide the names of individuals marked as Living (no death or burial information, plus a birthdate less than 110 years ago). Names of living individuals will be replaced with the word Living.
  • Abbreviate first name will show the surname and first initial(s) of living individuals.
  • Yes will always show all names for everyone.

Recommend using No if you want to hide information on Living cousins.

Import Settings

Setup - Import Settings

TNG flags all incoming individual records as living or not based on your Import Settings for

  • no birth date
  • no death date

If no birth date

If the individual has no death or burial date or place, the Living flag is set based on the time elapsed from the person's birth. If no birth date exists for this person, TNG can interpret that in different ways.

TNG will flag people as deceased or living on import, based on the value you specify for If no birth date, assume:

  • Person is deceased (If you choose this option, you will need to manually flag people with no birth information that you know are living as Living. You can then use the Backup / Restore Living Flag to manage the manually set living flags.
  • Person is living (If you use this option please be aware that you may have ancestors further back in the line who will be flagged as living because you do not have any dates)

You may want to consider setting the option to Person is deceased and then manually set the Living flag for people who you know are living but have no living date.

If no death date

If no death or burial date or place exists for an individual, the living flag is calculated from the time elapsed from the individual's birth date. Individuals younger than the age indicated here are considered living.

By default, the maximum age to be considered living is 110 years.

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