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Site Design and Definition

Setup - Site Design

The Setup >> General Settings >> Site Design and Definition provides several parameters that are key on how your TNG pages are generated.

Home Page

The Home Page value specified is what TNG will use for the Home link displayed on your TNG dynamically generated pages, if the Show Home Link is set to Yes, which is the default.

If you want to link your Home Page to be your main site web page, when TNG is installed in a sub-directory like genealogy, then you can set the Home page value as ../index.php or whatever your main site web page is.

Site Name

The Site Name specified in the Site Design and Definition is used as the second part of the page title.

Sitename in title

The Site Name is also used in the PDF generated page footer.

PDF Footer

PDF page footer

The PDF generated footer for each page shows

  • Site Name
  • Site Owner
  • Genealogy URL

Site Template Look and Feel

The Custom Header, Custom Footer, and Custom Meta control the look and feel of your site pages. TNG provides a default template in the install folder and 14 predefined templates distributed in the templates folder.

Custom Header

The value you specify for Custom Header, normally topmenu.php, is used to generate the page banner and menu. If your site allows dynamic language switching, you must use topmenu.php file in order for the $text variables to be resolved.

Template 2 Header

shows the banner and menu generated by Template 2.

Template 2 Header

shows the banner and left menu generated by Template 4 as outlined in red.

Custom Footer

TNG version: 9.2.2

The value you specify for Custom Footer, normally footer.php, is used to generate the page footer.

Template 2 Footer

shows the footer generated by Template 2.

Custom Footer

shows a custom footer based on Template 4.

TNG version: 10.0

The code that generates the TNG footer was moved to genlib.php so that it would work differently for mobile devices.

The User Footer Copyright mod was provided to generate a site copyright based on the values defined in the Site Design section.

Custom Meta

The value you specify for Custom Meta, normally meta.php, is used to generate the links for the style sheets:

  • genstyle.css defines the TNG styles
  • templatestyle.css defines the template overrides to the TNG styles and other styles used by the template
  • mytngstyle.css defines the user overrides to the genstyle.css and templatestyle.css

Controlling TNG links

The Site Design section also allows you to control the TNG links shown on each page.

Home Search Login/Logout Print Add Bookmark

These menu options are normally located at the top left of every page, just under the page heading and above the row of tabs. Each of these options can be turned on or off by setting the options to Yes (default) or No.

Setup core icon link display

If you set individual items to

  • No - the link is not displayed
  • Yes - the link is displayed

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