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The following steps can be used to exclude certain users from being logged:

  1. find users
  2. add users to Exclude User list

Find Users

First Step is to go to Admin >> Users and find the users you want to exclude from logging, such as the Administrators. Admin >> Users

Update Log Settings

Second Step is to go to Admin >> Setup >> Configuration >> Log Settings and add the users to the Exclude Usernames list.
Separate the usernames with a comma and no space.
Admin >> Setup >> Configuration >> Log Settings

Block visit-logs without Login-account

Logs without login account.jpg
To block all the log-entries (in showlog.php) of visits without a TNG-login, you must add a line into log.php:
function writelog( $string ) {
    global $text, $currentuser, $currentuserdesc, $cms, $rootpath, $_SERVER, $time_offset, $subroot, $exusers;
  if (empty($_SESSION['currentuser'])) return; // ***** New line *****
    require($subroot . "logconfig.php");

code by UHeist