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Ambox notice.png This mod only applies to V9

The Show/Hide Person Media mod is obsolete with TNG V10 since the functionality has been included in TNG
TNG V10 action required

  • if you upgraded over existing environment -- Delete the mod, DO NOT attempt to Clean up
  • You must update Admin >> Setup >> General Settings >> Media to change the Hide personal media from No to Yes See Collapsible Items
TNG 9.0

Show/Hide Person Media.
Summary This mod will hide/show media on a person's page. A toggle icon is added to the media label.
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TNG 9.1

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Author(s) Jeff Robison
Homepage Robison and Blythe Genealogy
Mod Support TNG Community Forums
Contact Developer My Mod Support
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Min TNG V ?
Max TNG V 9.2.2
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Purpose of the mod

This mod will hide/show media on a person's page to reduce 'excessive' displays.
A expand/collapse toggle icon is added to the media label. (Photos, Histories, etc.)

Try it out: Robison and Blythe Genealogy


This mod was developed by Jeff Robison.
* View all mods by Jeff Robison

Known Mod Conflicts

There is a conflict with Compact Person Media mod but there is no logical reason to use both mods.


  • A working TNG installation.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.

Automated Installation

  1. Remove and delete current (if any) version of this mod.
  2. Download the .zip file. Upload and Extract to the mods folder.
  3. Note: If you have Compact Person Media mod installed you must remove it!
  4. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install.

Custom Text Additions

Note that config file only includes the English language changes, so if you support multiple languages you can modify the config file to add the custom text for those other languages, or manually add the following custom text to each of your other languages with appropriate translations.

$text['photosfor'] = "Photos for";
$text['familyphotosfor'] = "Family photos for";

After Installation

There are parameters you can change in Mod Manager after installation by clicking the 'Edit' button for this mod.

  1. A parameter to optionally hide or show media to start is available for edit in Mod Manager after installation.
  2. A parameter to set the minimum allowed rows before hiding is available for edit in Mod Manager after installation.
  3. Label column not wide enough after installation?
  • Increase the number of pixels in the class below and add to css/mytngstyle.css and/or template(x)/css/mytngstyle.css.
.labelcol {

In the event of a problem

  1. Try using the Mod Manager Remove capability
  2. Contact me through My Mod Support.

Visualization of media collapsed


Visualization of media expanded


TNG User sites using this mod

Please add your site if you use this modification.

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Robison and Blythe Genealogy Jeff Robison Mod developer 9.2.2 English
Our Roy and Boucher Family Ken Roy Tested the mod for Jeff 9.2.2 English, French
Mitchell Families Online Roger Mitchell Yet another useful mod from Jeff! 9.2.2 English
Zausmers and More-smers Joyaa Antares Thanks Jeff. Very neat. 9.2.1 English
g.nomi William Vincent Integrated with WordPress 9.2.2 EN
Farnham & Paradise Ohana Barbara Paradise login: tngguest, pwd: tngguest 9.2.2 English