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Ambox notice.png The latest version of this mod uses the guidelines for TNG v12+ cust_text.php files. If you are using TNGv12+, and any cust_text.php file in this mod is marked with a Bad Target error, you need to update your cust_text.php files before you can install this mod. [Show instructions]

If you upgraded to TNGv12+, and did not update your cust_text.php files as instructed in the upgrade readme script, then you must use the TNG Mod Manager to update them. To do so:

  1. Go to Mod Manager, and select its "Recommended Updates" tab.
    (If the "Recommended Updates" tab is not visible, then go to the Mod Manager Options tab, select "Display Settings", and turn on the "Recommended Updates" tab.)
  2. Click the "Update" button in the "Recommended Updates" tab.
    Installed mods do not interfere with the update, and if you already have (or think you may have) run this update, it will not hurt for you to run it again.

[See details in the TNGv12 Change Impacts Article][Hide the instructions]

TNG 14.0
TNG 13.0
TNG 12.0

Media ShowTable
Summary Display the Media Description and Notes in the table below the image.
Validation This mod is XHTML compliant.Valid-xhtml10.png in TNG 8.1.2
Mod Updated 30 December 2022
Download link for
TNG 14.0
TNG 13.0
V13.0.0.2 includes previous language mods
TNG 12.0
TNG 11.0
TNG 10.1.0
TNG 10.0
Dutch language file
French language file
Spanish language file
Custom Text override
Dutch language file
French language file
Spanish language file
TNG 9.0
TNG 8.0
TNG 7.0
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for Show Table mod
for V10 languages
for V10 Custom Text
for Dutch and Spanish V9 languages
for French V9 language
for Media mods group
Author(s) Ken Roy
Homepage Media ShowTable (This page)
Mod Support TNG Community Forums
Contact Developer TNG Community Forums
Latest Mod for TNG V13+ for TNG V10.1 for TNG V10 for TNG V9
8.1.1 for TNG V8
1.0 for TNG V7
Min TNG V 7.0.0
Max TNG V 14+
Files modified
showmediaxml.php for TNG V7 only
Related Mods
This mod should be installed before the Body Text for Translation if you use both mods
Please update your additional language cust_text.php files with translations based upon the Custom Text Additions for this mod.


This mod was designed to move the display the Media Description (title) and Notes (Media Information Description field) to the table below the image.

This mod applies to TNG 7.0 and above. The mod will work with TNG version 6, but the line numbers will be different.

V8.1.1 of the mod was updated to honor line feeds in the Media Notes row.

TNG version: 9.0

V9.0.0.0 of the mod adds an IPTC Encoding row to show the character set encoding of the IPTC tags within the image. The Media Title row was dropped since TNG V9 moves the image title below the image.

TNG version: 10.0

V10.0.0.0 of the mod also moves the Body Text that can now be displayed with any media to the Show Table section, always sets the Media Title (description field) above the image and re-adds the Media Title to the table display.


Ken Roy developed this mod.


This mod

  • moves the Notes and Description normally displayed before the image to the table below the image
  • provides a standard way of displaying information about the image
  • repeats the media header as Media Title in the table


  • A backup of the TNG showmedia.php, showmedialib.php, and showmediaxml.php files
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager

Revision History

Version Date Contents
v14.0.0.4 30 December 2020 Updated for TNG V14
v13.0.0.2 7 October 2020 Updated for TNG V13 and includes the following:
  • uses the TNG v12 Mod Guidelines for custom text
  • includes the previous language separate mods for Dutch, French, and Spanish
  • displays Body Text correctly as HTML page if not used with an image
  • renames the mod to Media ShowTable
v10.1.0.1 12 January 2015 Updated for TNG V10.1 and includes the following:
  • Changed all %trimreplace to %replace
  • Resolve the conflict with the Media - Census Plus International mod where both were modifying the function showTable parameter list
v10.0.0.0 27 January 2014 Updated for TNG V10 and includes the following:
  • Changed show media so the Title is always before the image, since TNG shows it sometimes above and sometimes below.
  • Re-added the Media Title row that was dropped in TNG V9 when the image title moved below the image.
  • Moved the Body Text now displayed with the image in TNG V10 into the table but only if there is an image.
  • Also updated the French language file that can be downloaded as a mod add-on.
  • Added a sample custom text override for the Body Text row.
V9.0.0.0 9 March 2012 Language Mods added for Dutch and Spanish. Only for TNG v9 (or higher)!
v9.0.0.0 2 February 2012 Updated for TNG V9 and includes
  • Added an IPTC Encoding row to show the character set encoding of the IPTC tags within the image.
  • The Media Title row was dropped since TNG V9 moves the image title below the image.
  • Also added a French language file that can be downloaded as a mod add-on.
v8.1.1a 7 February 2011 Removed French custom text inadvertently included in the v8.1.1 mod upgrade
v8.1.1 3 October 2010 Updated to honor line feeds within the Media Description shown as Media Notes. Thanks to Roger Mitchell for reporting
v8.1.0 24 May 2010 Updated for TNG V8
v1.0 26 May 2009 Initial config file release. Note that there are two different flavors of this mod:
  • one to be installed when not using Bret Rumsey's Image Viewer Mod
  • other to be install when using Bret Rumsey's Image Viewer

Automated Install

  1. Download the appropriate distribution for your TNG version from the download links in the status area in the upper right.
  2. Extract the to your admin/mod_folder (V7) or mods (v8 and above).
  3. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install the media-2_show_table.cfg.

TNG version: 7.1.3
TNG version: 7.0

Note that the media-2_show_table_v1.0.cfg file is part of a series of media display mods where the n in media-n designates the install order of the mods. In TNG V7, if you use Bret Rumsey's Image Viewer it must be installed before this mod.

Custom Text Additions

Note that config file only includes the English language changes, so if you support multiple languages you will need to modify the config file to add the custom text for those other languages.

The following custom text will be added to your English/cust_text.php file by this mod. If you are using other languages, you must add these lines to each of your language cust_text.php files with appropriate translations of course.

TNG V7 and V8

TNG version: 8.1.3
TNG version: 7.0
//Show Table - Ken Roy's mod
$text['mediatitle'] = "Media Title";
$text['medianotes'] = "Media Notes";

For example, you would add to the French/cust_text.php

//Show Table - Ken Roy's mod
$text['mediatitle'] = "Titre de médias";
$text['medianotes'] = "Notes de médias";


TNG version: 9.0
//Show Table - Ken Roy's mod
$text['medianotes'] = "Media Notes";
$text['iptclang'] = "Encoding";

For example, you would add to the French/cust_text.php

//Show Table - Ken Roy's mod
$text['medianotes'] = "Notes de médias";
$text['iptclang'] = "Codage";

Or you can use the language mods in the summary in the upper right corner of this page to add Dutch, French or Spanish custom text additions. Procedure: download, unzip to TNG mods folder, install using Mod Manager. Note that these language mods work for TNG v9 (or higher) only!


TNG version: 10.0
// added for ShowTable Mod - Ken Roy's mod
$text['mediatitle'] = "Media Title";
$text['medianotes'] = "Media Notes";
$text['iptclang'] = "Encoding";
$text['mediabodytext'] = "Body Text";

For example, you would add to the French/cust_text.php

// added for ShowTable Mod - Ken Roy's mod
$text['mediatitle'] = "Titre médias";
$text['medianotes'] = "Notes de médias";
$text['iptclang'] = "Codage";
$text['mediabodytext'] = "Texte Principal";

If you want to add another language please send me the translation (either the texts or as a full language mod) and your name (so I can give you credit) by sending me a personal message using the Contact Developer link in the TNG Mod Summary in the upper right hand corner.

Visualization of Mod

Without this mod, the Media Description shows before the image as shown in the image on the right.

Media Description without ShowTable mod.jpg

With the ShowTable Mod, the Media Description is shown in the table below the image as shown in the image on the right. Notice that the Media Title is also repeated in the table.

Media Description with ShowTable mod.jpg

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Sites using this mod

  • Please add TNG site that you have found that utilize this modification
URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
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R G Strong Family Genealogy Russell Strong Public site. 13.1.1 EN, FR, DE, NL
OurLife Family History - McMullen Clan Sean Thompson Not a public site 11.1.0 English
Ancestry of the Brown Family Misty Bearman 11.1.1 EN, FR
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Huygens - Van de Moortel Tom Huygens Public/Private on WordPress 13.1.2 NL
GeneaKat Katryne Chauvigné-Bourlaud Private except for the stats and some pages 13.1.1 FR,EN,PT,IT,SP