TNG V10 Change Impacts

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If you previously modified the TNG template files, you will need to make similar modifications to the TNG V10 templates since all of them have been changed to provide the mobile mode display.


If you use Branches, you will need to update your branches for the Branch Labeling parameters which now get saved in the TNG database

  • Starting Individual
  • Number Ancestors
  • Number Descendants
  • Number Generations
  • Include Spouses

See Branch Labeling for additional details.

TNG Mods

Several TNG Mods are now obsolete because their functionality is now included in TNG V10.

See TNG V10 Mods for recommended actions on update

New Setup Options

There are new setup options that need to be set to take advantage of the Collapsible Items that replace the Show/Hide Events, Show/Hide Person Media and the Vertical Ancestors Chart

Custom Menu Hook

If you used the TNG V9 Custom Menu Hook to add an additional pull down menu, the TNG V10 Custom Menu Hook now uses the syntax from the Custom Drop Down Menu mod which has been marked as obsolete along with the Site Menu Mod.

See Converting Custom Menu Hook on how to convert your existing Custom Menu Hook V9 to the new syntax. A Custom Menu Hook Mod is provided as a sample mod if you want to track your changes to the customconfig.php with the Mod Manager