TNG V11 Change Impacts

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New DNA Tables

There are two new tables that must be defined in the Admin > Setup > General Settings > Table Names section - the TNG DNA Test and TNG DNA Links tables.

TNG V11 define new DNA tables.png

Failure to define the new tables will result in an error being displayed on the TNG Admin screen for the DNA Tests button.

TNG V11 forgot to create DNA tables.png

or any of similar type query failures on the public side of your site

TNG V11 datbase update not done.png

Note that if you got the above errors, and you then defined the two new DNA tables, you need to run the database upgrade script again.

Responsive Tables

While TNG incorporated the Responsive Tables mod, the responsive tables are not enabled by default.

If you want to use the Responsive Tables in TNG V11 for the smart phones and tablets, you must go to Admin > Setup > General Settings and scroll down to the Mobile section and enable the capability. In the Responsive Tables mod the options were in the Mod Manager Edit options screen.

TNG V11 responsive tables setup.png

You can specify the Type of responsive table displays to use:

  • Toggle (default)
  • Stack
  • Swipe

See Responsive Tables in TNG v11 for additional details

Family Chart Mod

If you have been using the Family Chart Mod and have now upgraded to TNG 11, you will get a lot of 404 errors from the Google crawler The reason for this is that the Mod used a file "family.php" where as in TNG this page is now called "familychart.php" and Google will at least for a while be looking for the "family.php" files it had previously indexed. You can fix this with a ReWriteRule in your .htaccess file similar to this one.

# To handle the Family Chart Mod that used family.php 
# but now uses familychart.php as part of TNG 11
RewriteEngine On
ReWriteBase /
ReWriteRule ^tng/family.php(.*)$ /tng/familychart.php$1 [NC,R=301,L]

TNG Mods

Several TNG Mods are now obsolete because their functionality is now included in TNG V10.

See Upgrading_Mods_to_TNG_v11 for recommended actions on update

Admin Screen Colors

The Admin screen uses new color definitions. If your screen background color is a light color, you may not be able to read the small text in the Admin button.

TNG V11 admin.png

If that is the case, then you need to create overrides in your templateN/mytngstyle.css changing the color for the following classes

/* override TNG v11's Admin screen colors  */
.adminsubmsg, .admintotal {
    color: #002EB8;

.tngmsgarea a, .tngmsgarea a:active, .tngmsgarea a:link, .tngmsgarea a:visited {
    color: #FFFF00;
    text-decoration: none;