TNG V11 Major Changes

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This article is a complete list of the changes introduced by TNGv11, grouped by category rather than ordered numerically.

Darrin's Top 10

Admin Enhancements

1. Admin Menu: Totals for each category are now displayed on the Admin menu (can be turned off in the General Settings).
2. Admin Menu: An "Important Tasks" area at top of the Admin menu now reminds administrators of items that need attention (e.g., no backup done in a while).
10. Data Validation: Several preconfigured data validation reports are now available under Admin/Miscellanous.

Chart Enhancements

3. Ancestors: A Fan Chart option has been added to the Ancestors tab (original code by Ben Wagner).
5. Charts: The pedigree icon on the relationship chart & descendants chart was not working (fixed).
12. Descendants: "Unknown" spouse boxes on the descendants chart have been removed.
13. Descendants: D'Aboville numbers (e.g., 1.2.10,, etc) have been added to the text-based descendant list.
14. Descendants: The line height on the text-based chart has been increased to make the page more readable.
24. Family Chart: A new Family Chart has been added, showing a person's spouse, children and parents (original code by Chris Moss).

Custom Events

7. Custom Events: An "Expand Selected" button has been added to Admin/Custom Event Types page.
8. Custom Events: A counter on the Admin/Custom Event Types page now shows how many events there are of each type.
9. Custom Events: "Expand all/Collapse all" links have been added to the top of the person page to expand/contract expandable events (only if expandable events exist).
18. Events: When an event is created, it can be duplicated for other people or families at the same time.

DNA Tests Enhancements

16. DNA: A new Admin category has been added for DNA Tests. After a test is created, it may be linked to any number of people in the database. If a person is linked to any tests, those tests will be shown on the person's individual page.

Import/Export Enhancements

19. Export: The public GEDCOM download page will not show at all if the user does not have rights to create a GEDCOM file, or if no starting person is selected.
20. Export: Media references in an exported GEDCOM file will now use a reference number, and the complete information block will be included later at the end of the file.
21. Export: A failed GEDCOM export was not including media links after being resumed (fixed).
22. Export: A local path for each custom collection is now available at the point of export.
31. Import: Since the "Save Import" table only includes temporary data and does not need to be backed up, it has been removed from Utilities menu.
32. Import: It is now possible to upload and extract a zipped gedcom file for import.
33. Import: It is now possible import "shared events" (which are then distributed as regular events).

Media Enhancements

39. Media: The "I" prefix is now optional in the ID field on the Media/Sort screen. If it is omitted, the default prefix will be added automatically during the search.
40. Media: On Media/Sort page, the "Remove" link has been changed to "Unlink".
41. Media: When adding media for a family from the Edit Family page, the "Cancel" will now continue on without saving ("OK" will save and then continue).
42. Media: A "Save" button has been added to the top of the screen on the Edit Media page.
43. Media: HTML5 audio & video controls have been added for mp4 & mp3 files.
44. Media/Import: Imported media references were not recognizing the "import only if newer" designation (fixed).

Mobile Enhancements

46. Mobile: In the mobile-friendly version of the site, the public tabs have been replaced with selection box.
70. Responsive: Most of the Responsive Tables mod has been integrated, making it easier to view some of TNG's larger tables on a small screen (original code by Gustav Dahl and Ken Roy).

Place Enhancements

56. Places: A "Place Level not set" option has been added to the Admin/Places search page.
57. Places: The latitude and longitude fields will now be 22 characters long.
58. Places: A reset button has been added to the Admin/Places/Merge page.
59. Places: If you search for something on the Admin/Places page and then click the Merge tab, the same search will be done there for you by default.
60. Places: When someone corrects a place name and the correct name already exists in the database, a message will now advise the user to merge (clicking the Merge tab at that point will perform an "or" search so that the two names are ready to merge).
61. Places: Heat maps have been added to the Places, Surnames and Search Results pages to show the global distribution of surnames and places.

Search Enhancements

71. Search: On the Search Families page, it is now possible to search on marriage type.
72. Search: The Person ID search from the "quick search" is now an exact search.
73. Search: The order of the first name and last name fields has been made consistent across all screens and templates.
74. Search: A Google search page has been added. As long as your site is visible to Google (a login is not required for general access) and has been indexed, this page will allow you to do a search across your entire site.

Other Changes

4. Calendar: The control panel used for deciding which events will be shown on the page now uses checkboxes.
6. Citations: If the "last citation" is deleted, the "Copy Last" button will not be visible the next time citations window is opened.
11. Dates: On Anniversaries page, married couples will now be shown together for family events.
15. Diagnostics: The Diagnostics page will now check for newer versions of PHP and MySQL (plus MariaDB)
17. Email: Code previously commented out from tngmaillib.php was preventing special characters from displaying correctly in emails, so the comments have been removed and the code restored.
23. Family Group: Each person's ID will now be included with their information on the Family Group Sheet.
25. File Picker: A "go to" field has been added to the pagination section of File Picker window.
26. General: Many buttons have been made larger, and the style has been made more consistent.
27. General: A link title will now be included in all Google Earth links to indicate that it will download a KML file.
28. General: Database error messages are now a little more friendly. :)
29. General: All occurrences of the deprecated PHP function "ereg_replace" have been replaced with "preg_replace" or "str_replace" for PHP 7 compatibility.
30. General: All occurrences of the deprecated PHP function "eregi" have been replaced with "preg_match" for PHP 7 compatibility.
34. Installation: UTF-8 is now the default character set (and English-UTF8 is the default language file).
35. Languages: It was not possible to switch languages in the Admin area to a language whose ID ended with a 9 or a 0 (fixed).
36. Languages: Slovak has been added as a supported language.
37. Logs: All HTML tags except for <a> will now be filtered out of the public log function.
38. Logs: All times logged will now be 24 hr or "military" times (both public and admin).
45. Miscellaneous: A new page called "featuretemplate.php" has been added to assist with the creation of other top-level content. The instructions in the historytemplate.php file (used for creating histories) have been improved.
47. Notes: The "Notes" section has been pulled out of "miscellaneous" and given its own category (mainly to balance off the new DNA category).
48. PDF: Header images have been added to PDF reports.
49. PDF: The nickname field has been added to the individual PDF chart.
50. PDF: PDF reports sometimes would not display in Chrome (fixed).
51. People: The "I" prefix is now optional on the Admin/People/Merge page, so you can enter a person ID without the prefix or suffix. If it is omitted, the default prefix or suffix will be added automatically during the search.
52. People: Same-sex parents should now have correct labels on individual page and Edit Person page.
53. People: The New/Edit Person pages will now automatically uncheck the Living box if anything is entered in the death or burial fields.
54. People: A "Private Only" option has been added to the Admin/People search page.
55. People: Where it exists, the relationship to parents will now be displayed on Edit Person page (for spouses) and on public individual page (for children). 62. Prefixes: It is now possible to change the default person/family/source/repository prefixes from the General Settings. 63. Relationship: Birth and death years are now visible on the Relationship Chart. Also, the boxes are wider and the font size is smaller. 64. Relationship: Relationship messages (i.e., "John is the second cousin of Mary") can now be turned on/off for each language. 65. Reports: Fields for First Name, Nickname and Surname have been added to the report generator. 66. Reports: The LDS confirmation and initiatory events were not visible in the report generator, even when LDS events had been enabled (fixed). 67. Reports: A "Save as" option has been added to the Admin/Reports page. 68. Reports: An option to search only for "active" reports has been added to the Admin/Reports page.
69. Reports: The word "Fact" has been removed from column headings in reports.
75. Settings: Optional port number and socket fields have been added to the database settings.
76. Settings: A "favicon.ico" image is nowconfigurable from General Settings.
77. Statistics: If no birth date is present, the christening date will now be used when determining longest lived.
78. Templates: A new template (#15) has been added (original code by Tom Cloud).
79. Timeline: Extraneous dates have been removed from the Simile Timeline bubbles.
80. Timeline: The Simile Timeline layout has been redesigned, and some of the more obscure settings have been moved to timelineconfig.php. The timeline will include separate bands for family events and general events.
81. Users: Each user will now have an optional preferred language, visible in the user record and on registration form (if more than one language is in use). If a new user specifies a language during registration, the response will then be sent in that language. After a user login, the language will automatically switch to the preferred language if one exists.
82. Users: A user could not log in if the username contained special characters and charset was UTF-8 (fixed).
83. Users: The default password encryption type for new installations will now be sha256.
84. Utilities: The Utilities page will now show a message that the administrator should use mysqldumper or phpmyadmin if their database is large.
85. What's New: The preview capability has been added to the family records on the What's New page.
86. What's New: The "user" column will only be shown on the What's New page if there is more than one active user with add or edit rights.
87. What's New/Families: The Mother ID column has been changed to Mother's Name, and the name in that column will be written in full.