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Based on some of the answers to questions on the TNG Forum and User2 list since TNG V9 was released, the following are some of the common TNG V9 upgrade problems:

  • Readme opened as a file
  • Users do not update their templates
  • Users do not update their databases
  • Users rename some of their folders before copying the update folders
  • Syntax errors in the Custom Menu Hook


You must open the readmexxx.html file using a browser URL.

It needs to be something like http://www.yoursite/readme7x-900.html where you might need a directory in between your site name and the readme file name in the URL depending on whether you install TNG in your site root or in a subfolder.

Note that if you right click the file on your desktop, while it appears to be open in the browser, it is really a file opened on your desktop using the browser to view the file

Update Templates

You must follow the instructions in Step 6 Update your template. and in Step 7 Other file operations. of the upgrade readme file

In your web browser, run the script upgrade_fileops8x-9x.php
Update your Template Settings to include default information for new templates.
  • The biggest thing Darrin has seen is that people using the pre-8.1.0 templates (where the template files were uploaded to the main folder), are forgetting to upload the corresponding new template files to the same place.
If you were previously copying your template and were not using the Template Settings capability of TNG V8 and more specifically those since TNG V8.1, you need to copy your template files from the upgrade templates/templateN folder as you had to do in all versions of TNG prior to TNG V8.1
  • people who previously did not upload any of the template folders because they didn't plan to use a template back then are finding those folders and folders missing. You might mention that they can get those from the full version zip if necessary.
If you previously were not using the Template Selection and had not copied all the templates/templateN folders to your site, but now want to try the Template Selection capability in Template Settings you can get the complete template folders from the full version zip file.
The upgrade zip file only provides the files that have changed with the upgrade and not the complete template folder and subfolders.

Note that some actions were required if upgrading from a TNG version prior to TNG 8.1 in order to use the Template Selection capability. See Templates_-_Upgrading_TNG_8.1 for information provided previously and some items are slightly different in Template Settings for TNG V9

See the following articles for other template settings help:

Update Database

You must follow the instructions in Step 8 "Update the database structure." of the upgrade readme file

Failure to run the upgrade_dbxxxx script will result in various SQL errors, such as the following when trying to add a user

Cannot execute query:

INSERT IGNORE INTO tng_users (description,username,password,password_type,realname,phone,email,website,address,city,state,zip,country,notes,gedcom,mygedcom,personID,role,
dt_activated,no_email,disabled) VALUES ("User - no media tree","username","407d920412b625086cb22ed4f0b0375a","md5","User","","","http://","","","","","","","mytreenomedia","mytreenomedia","",
"guest","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","","2012-02-06 13:33:28","0","0")

Replace Files in Template Folders

The upgrade expect that you will replace files in your existing folders, not rename your existing template folders and then copy the folders from the upgrade zip file for templates.

Since the upgrade does not include the complete template folder and files, you will end up with missing files, such as images and footer.php depending on the template you are using.

Custom Menu Hook

If you attempt to use the same entries from your previous site menu, which were coded as follows:

$menu .= "<li><a href=\"{$cms['tngpath']}user/research_resources.php\"><img src=\"{$cms['tngpath']}user/images/my_resources.gif\" class=\"tnggif\" align=\"left\" alt=\"\" />{$text['myresearch']}</a></li>\n";

then the above entries must be double-escaped, meaning that you must have 3 back slashes as shown below

    $custommenu .= "\$menu .= \"<li><a href=\\\"{\$cms['tngpath']}user/research_resources.php\\\"><img src=\\\"{\$cms['tngpath']}user/images/my_resources.gif\\\" class=\\\"menu-icon\\\" alt=\\\"\\\" />{\$text['myresearch']}</a></li>\\n\";";

Failure to double-escape the entries, will result in a syntax error that just returns a blank screen.

It might be easier to code the entries using the new tngddrow function call

    $custommenu .= "\$menu .= tngddrow(\"{\$cms['tngpath']}user/research_resources.php\", \"research-resources\", \"user/images/my_resources.gif\", \"myresearch\");";

where only a single escape (backslash) is required in front of the $ (dollar sign) and " (double quote)

Google Maps

Pins displayed no map

If you upgraded and now my google maps do not appear but the pins do, and when you click on a pin, you get the google map. If you click twice and get an error screen from Google saying you are trying to send a script and it was denied.

You have to remove any Google settings that you may have in your customconfig.php file.

Zoom issue

The new Google maps don't zoom in as much as before.

  • If you click on the Map button at the top right and then uncheck Terrain, you can then zoom way in.
  • If you update your Map Settings to Roadmap instead of Terrain, the maps will zoom like before.

Note, however that Terrain and Satelite do not zoom as much as the Roadmaps, so you may want to set your Map Settings to Roadmap