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Although TNG -- The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding -- is an extremely full-featured and configurable package, novice Webmasters often face a long, steep learning curve, especially if they have no previous experience running a website or have never done any computer programming -- after all, their primary interest is in genealogy. Setting up a test site, uploading and installing TNG files, creating a database, configuring TNG options, dealing with GEDCOM files, securing the site from hackers, backing up data and making stylistic and structural modifications are just a few of issues confronting them right away.

To be sure, there is a lot of help on the TNGForums, TNGWiki and tngusers2 list, but the novice, not knowing what he doesn't know, is often badly confused by the multitude of differing advice.

One option for "newbies" is to contact a volunteer mentor from the list of TNG webmasters who have experience, knowledge, time and a willingness to help get them started. A mentor will encourage and guide you, sharing their own early experiences and showing you how to do things yourself, but not doing it for you.

Successful mentors will have infinite patience and a willingness to stick with the novice until they have resolved their concern.

Volunteer Mentors - Help and Assistance

If you would like to mentor someone new to TNG, please add yourself to the list below and explain what areas you would be comfortable dealing with. If you find yourself getting overloaded with work, set your availability to "No" or remove your name. If you find yourself with a particularly thorny problem, there is no prohibition against working with other mentors or putting it out on the forums or users list, as long as you are there to help your client sort through the responses and make informed decisions.

If you are a TNG novice and need help installing and setting up TNG, setting up a test site, uploading files to your website, working with mods, safeguarding your data, or customizing your site's look and feel, please feel free to contact any of the below listed mentors and discuss it with them.

Name/Contact Availability Notes
Colman Byrne - colmanbyrne at eircom dot net Most evenings - but I live in Ireland (CET) *
* * *
* *
* * *
* * *

Lessons Learned

As we gain experience mentoring, we might use this page to share it with other mentors and seekers of truth.