TNG Wiki Upgrade to MW 1.35.1

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Visible Changes

The following are visible changes you will notice after the TNG Wiki upgrade to MediaWiki 1.35.1

  • Language link near the top of the left sidebar allows you to select German (Deutsch), French (français), Danish (dansk), or Spanish (español)
  • MediaWiki language json files are automatically used as translation
  • Language subpages are automatically used if available on the TNG Wiki
  • Request Account link from Confirm Account extension is now available in French, German, and Danish
  • User talk pages will be created in French, German, or Danish based on the language used for the Request Account
  • email requesting that new users confirm their email address will be sent in French, German, or Danish
  • email sent on account approval will be in English with parts of the email in French, German, Danish, Dutch, or Norwegian
  • Edit link will launch the new VisualEditor
  • Edit source link will launch the tradional WikiEditor
  • you can switch between both editors