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TNG v11 added the capability to track DNA Tests.

From the TNG V11 Change Log

16. DNA: A new Admin category has been added for DNA Tests. After a test is created, it may be linked to any number of people in the database. If a person is linked to any tests, those tests will be shown on the person's individual page.

From the TNG Blog

DNA: Aid your research by keeping track of DNA tests taken by the people in your tree. Enter the specifics once and link them to those affected.

Admin Add DNA Test

DNA tests admiin input.png

To add a new test, click on the Add New tab, then fill out the form. The test can be linked to people in the database after it has been saved.

Test Type Select the type of DNA test this record refers to.

Test Number Enter the ID number associated with this test. If you can't find a number or the vendor didn't give you one, feel free to make up a new number.

Vendor Enter the name of the company that supplied the test (optional).

Test Taker This is the person who took the test. Select the tree and enter the person's ID, or click the magnifying glass to look up the individual by name. Alternatively, enter the name of the person in the "OR Person not in database" field. Tick the Keep Name Private box to keep the name private from all but admin users.

Notes Enter any notes associated with the test, or any other information you might have. These notes will are visible to all. Use the Administrator Notes field (lower) for private notes.

Add Test To A Group A pull-down menu to associate this set of test results with a test group, defined from another menu.

Haplogroup Text field for entry of the Haplogroup associated with this test. Tick the Confirmed box if results have been confirmed with SNP testing.

Most recent common ancestor ID Select the ID of an ancestor of the test taker, from the tree selected above.

Relevant Links If there are web sites or pages associated with this test, enter them here. Put each link on a new line. Enter the site or page title and the URL, separated by a comma. For example, ",". If you don't include the site or page title, the link itself will be used as the title.

When you are finished, click the "Save" button to return to the list.

Individual Page DNA Test

TNG V11 DNA individual page.png

Info Pull Down DNA Test

TNG V11 DNA Info pull down.png

DNA Test Details

TNG V11 DNA test.png

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