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Methods of creating article illustrations

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Image Capture tools

Built in capture

PrintScreenb.png - You can always use the PrtScn key on your keyboard

  • This will capture the entire desktop

Or the Alt key Altb.png + PrintScreenb.png

  • This will only capture the "active window"

Software utilities

7-31-2008 1-43-03 AM.png

Image Posting Methods

Standard Wiki toolbar

7-31-2008 2-19-29 AM.png
  • Using this method you will get an object that is "click-able"
  • There may be times that you do not want to have the object interact with the mouse
  • When you click on the icon you get [[Image:Example.jpg]] syntax for you to replace the "Example.jpg" with your own file name
  • The alternate method would be to type in your file name and then highlight it with your mouse and click the icon... it will then supply the brackets and "Image:" needed

Uploading the Image

  • Save the page you were editing
  • For each of the links you created above
  1. Click on the link to bring up the Upload page
  2. Browse to identify the relevant image
  3. Click on 'Upload File'

"no action" image post

  • This is simple to do
  1. upload the image as previously illustrated
  2. after the image has uploaded right click and view the properties
  3. highlight and copy the properties
  4. replace the code for the image you just uploaded with the path (URL) of the image

For example
Image posting
  • This will place the image without allowing mouse click interaction
  • Both methods can be seen by scrolling up this page... the keyboard keys are not "click-able" verses the FastStone toolbar image is

Note: if you switch to "edit" mode on any of these article sections you can see how these methods have been accomplished

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