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Article Posting - Tips and Tricks

Before you start

  • Spend some time browsing the TNGwiki... make sure that you article that you want to write hasn't been done before
  • Watch for common problems that come up in the Forums or in the User mailing list

"A rose by any other name..."

  • Name your article carefully
    • If your article is going to be posted in a Category that has a "alpha" index ... carefully consider what the first word is going to be.
    • Article Naming considerations
  • Article titles should be brief
    • You can place a longer header title at the beginning of the article if you wish
    • TNGwiki New Page provides a couple of ways to create a new page

Spell check

  • Spell check early ... spell check often
    • Many browsers have spell check options
    • You can install a Google Toolbar and use it's integrated Spellcheck

Content is King

  • Be careful to not let the solution get lost in the explanation
  • Don't assume anything
  • Engineer your answers so that the newest user can understand what to do

A Picture says a thousand words

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