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In late September, I added a new article section describing the new search string in cust_text.php files that was introduced in TNGv12, and noting that the new Mod Manager Required Upgrades tab adds that string to existing cust_text.php files. It has been noted that the new search string is not really a Mod Manager Enhancement, and has been suggested that the new section is therefore not appropriate for this article.

I have thus moved the description of the related Mod Manager guidelines and the example of a TNGv12-compliant target location to the Wiki article TNG_V12_Change_Impacts

However, the Required Upgrades tab is a Mod Manager enhancement that is not otherwise in the this article. So I do intend to leave a much smaller description of the Required Updated tab in this article.
Robin Richmond 22:38, 3 October 2018 (CDT)

The short "Select Filter" section has incomplete text, two missing images, and the assertion "While the implementation is different, this is a good replacement for the Mod Manager Latest mod.", which I don't understand at all. The illustrations might illustrate :-) a similarity, but I don't expect them to do so.

The Mod Manager Latest mod automatically looks at the MM log to find the last few mods that have been processed (and are still present), and displays them at the very top of the mod list (in addition to their normal place in the mod list). The assumption behind this behavior is that - if you are a tester or developer - the mod you are most likely to process at any given time has been processed recently.

The number of mods shown is a Mod Manager option. Sometimes I show only about 3 mods; normally I show 5 or 6, and if I'm working on several mods at once, I may set it to 8 or more.

This feature is not helpful to the typical TNG site admin, who comes to the mod manager only occasionally, and generally only to install a new mod or two, and perhaps uninstall old mods first.

Mod Manager Batch Operations of which the Select Filter is a part.

First, I'll note that the batch processing capabilities of the "Ok to Install", "Installed" (etc) filters are of tremendous help when an admin needs to clean up or rebuild a site.

But I can tell, the Select filter is useful only for deleting a set of mods, as stated (not real clearly) in the Mod Manager Help file:

Select - added in TNG v12 - displays a list of all the mods that can be selected regardless of status and then just returns those mods in the list.
  • The Delete button will only be available on the Select list if you Allow Delete Selected of Partially Installed Mods and Allow Delete of individually Installed Mods. This capability was added mainly for the mod developer to clean up their testing environments.

I really don't see any overlap between the Select filter and the Mod Manager Latest mod. Thus, if I don't see anything to the contrary written here, I'll plan to replace the text of the "Select Filter" section with a variant of the text in the Mod Manager help file. Perhaps

The Select filter allows the user to select an arbitrary list of mods, and to delete them. This capability was added mainly for the mod developer to clean up their testing environments.

Note that the Delete button is available on the Select list only if you specify the Mod Manager optiona "Allow Delete Selected of Partially Installed Mods" and "Allow Delete of individually Installed Mods". Without those options, the Select filter can't really do anything at all.

02:50, 13 December 2019 (UTC)