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my (ojay) German "Relate mod"-messages translation:
(contain small typo corrections and a change of "Anker" to "Proband")

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//for Relate mod
$text['notgeneticallyrelatedto'] = "genetisch nicht verwandt mit ";
$text['notrelatedto'] = "nicht verwandt innerhalb von xxx Generationen mit "; //xxx will be replaced with number of generations
$text['notconnectedto'] = "nicht mit anderen innerhalb des Baumes verbunden";
$text['showgenetic'] = "Nur genetische Verwandtschaft zeigen";
$text['includenongenetic'] = "Auch nicht genetische Verwandtschaft einbeziehen";
$text['showmorelines'] = "Weitere Linien zeigen";
$text['anchormake'] = "Diese Person als Proband verwenden";
$text['anchorrelationships'] = "Diese Person ist der Proband der Beziehungen";
$text['anchorreset'] = "Proband löschen";
$text['he'] = "Er";
$text['she'] = "Sie";
$text['whois'] = "diese Person ist";       #as in "the son of Jesse, who is the son of Obed"
$text['with'] = "mit";
$text['withme'] = "mit mir";
$text['withthisperson'] = "mit dieser Person";
$text['anchornotset'] = "Der Proband nicht gesetzt. Diese Person ist privat, lebt noch oder ist in einem Zweig.";
$text['makedefault'] = "Diese Person als Proband verwenden";
$text['forgetdefault'] = "Proband vergessen";

$text['bil'] = "der Schwager von";
$text['ssil'] = "die Schwägerin von";
$text['bsil'] = "die Geschwister in Gesetz";  // no German translation available
$text['stepfath1'] = "der Stiefvater von";
$text['stepmoth1'] = "die Stiefmutter von";
$text['steppar1'] = "der Stiefvater/mutter von";
$text['stepbrother'] = "der Stiefbruder von";    // added of me
$text['stepsister'] = "die Stiefschwester von";    // added of me
$text['stepsibling'] = "die Stiefgeschwister von";    // added of me

//added to avoid conflict with Portuguese/German mod
$text['guncle3'] = "der xxx Urgroßonkel von";
$text['gaunt3'] = "die xxx Urgroßtante von";
$text['guncleaunt3'] = "der/die xxx Urgroßonkel/Großtante von";
$text['gnephew3'] = "der xxx Urgroßneffe von";
$text['gniece3'] = "die xxx Urgroßnichte von";
$text['gnephnc3'] = "der/die xxx Urgroßneffe/nichte von";
$text['fathof1'] = "der Vater von";
$text['mothof1'] = "die Mutter von";
$text['parof1'] = "die Eltern von";
$text['gfath2'] = "der xxx Großvater von";
$text['gmoth2'] = "die xxx Großmutter von";
$text['gpar2'] = "die xxx Großeltern von";
$text['fil1'] = "der Schwiegervater von";
$text['mil1'] = "die Schwiegermutter von";
$text['fmil1'] = "der Schwiegervater oder die Schwiegermutter von";
$text['ggfath3'] = "der xxx Urgroßvater von";
$text['ggmoth3'] = "die xxx Urgroßmutter von";
$text['ggpar3'] = "die xxx Urgroßeltern von";
$text['ggfath4'] = "der Altvater von";
$text['ggmoth4'] = "die Altmutter von";
$text['ggpar4'] = "der Altvater/mutter von";
$text['ggson4'] = "der Altsohn von";
$text['ggdau4'] = "die Alttochter von";
$text['ggsondau4'] = "der Altsohn/tochter von";
$text['guncle4'] = "der xxx Altonkel von";
$text['gaunt4'] = "die xxx Alttante von";
$text['guncleaunt4'] = "der/die xxx Altonkel/Großtante von";
$text['gnephew4'] = "der xxx Altneffe von";
$text['gniece4'] = "die xxx Altnichte von";
$text['gnephnc4'] = "der/die xxx Altneffe/nichte von";
$text['ggfath5'] = "der Altgroßvater von";
$text['ggmoth5'] = "die Altgroßmutter von";
$text['ggpar5'] = "der Altgroßvater/mutter von";
$text['ggson5'] = "der Altenkel von";
$text['ggdau5'] = "die Altenkelin von";
$text['ggsondau5'] = "der Altenkel/enkelin von";
$text['guncle5'] = "der xxx Altgroßonkel von";
$text['gaunt5'] = "die xxx Altgroßtante von";
$text['guncleaunt5'] = "der/die xxx Altgroßonkel/tante von";
$text['gnephew5'] = "der xxx Altgroßneffe von";
$text['gniece5'] = "die xxx Altgroßnichte von";
$text['gnephnc5'] = "der/die xxx Altgroßneffe/nichte von";
$text['ggfath6'] = "der xxx großvater von";
$text['ggmoth6'] = "die xxx großmutter von";
$text['ggpar6'] = "der xxx großvater/mutter von";
$text['ggson6'] = "der xxx enkel von";
$text['ggdau6'] = "die xxx enkelin von";
$text['ggsondau6'] = "der xxx enkel/enkelin von";
$text['guncle6'] = "der xxx großonkel von";
$text['gaunt6'] = "die xxx großtante von";
$text['guncleaunt6'] = "der/die xxx großonkel/tante von";
$text['gnephew6'] = "der xxx großneffe von";
$text['gniece6'] = "die xxx großnichte von";
$text['gnephnc6'] = "der/die xxx großneffe/nichte von";
$text['uord4'] = "Altur";

//These replicate the TNG to avoid conflict with German/Portuguese mod
$text['mcousin1'] = "der xxx Cousin yyy von";  //male cousin
$text['fcousin1'] = "die xxx Cousine yyy von";  //female cousin
$text['cousin1'] = "der/die xxx Cousin/Cousine yyy von";
$text['mhalfcousin1'] = "der xxx Halb-Cousin yyy von";  //male cousin
$text['fhalfcousin1'] = "die xxx Halb-Cousine yyy von";  //female cousin
$text['halfcousin1'] = "der/die xxx Halb-Cousin/Halb-Cousine yyy von";
$text['uncle1'] = "der xxx Onkel von";
$text['aunt1'] = "die xxx Tante von";
$text['uncleaunt1'] = "der xxx Onkel/die xxx Tante von";
$text['nephew1'] = "der xxx Neffe von";
$text['niece1'] = "die xxx Nichte von";
$text['nephnc1'] = "der xxx Neffe/die xxx Nichte von";
$text['guncle2'] = "der xxx Großonkel von";
$text['gaunt2'] = "die xxx Großtante von";
$text['guncleaunt2'] = "der/die xxx Großonkel/Großtante von";
$text['gnephew2'] = "der xxx Großneffe von";
$text['gniece2'] = "die xxx Großnichte von";
$text['gnephnc2'] = "der/die xxx Großneffe/Großnichte von";

$text_setting['cousin'] = array(1,0,0,1,0,'. Grades','. Grades','','',0,1);	
$text_setting['parent'] = array(6,4,3,0,'uord','. Ur','. Ur','','',0,1);
$text_setting['child'] = array(6,4,3,0,'uord','. Ur','. Ur');
$text_setting['uncleaunt'] = array(6,4,3,0,'uord','. Ur','. Ur','','',0,1);
$text_setting['nibling'] = array(6,4,3,0,'uord','. Ur','. Ur','','',0,1);
//END Relate mod

Please send these direct

Thanks for these updates, ojay, but could you send them to me direct or is there some problem with that Talk pages are usually for discussion and I want to put these in the next version of the mod. Chris

  • Yes, it should be [also in other mods] (with big translations parts) first in the beta-period a discussion-time.
    Up to now I find some needed changes after some time.
    It should stay a community work. I am not the default German translator.
    I show only my thoughts about the German translation. --ojay
I'm very happy to credit you on the page, but I presume that you don't want your real name used, so I'll just use your wiki name. Chris Moss (talk) 03:27, 26 June 2016 (CDT)