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Have upgrade from V12.0 to V12.2 and have some issues.

From «Her side» - Name: Name (example) Results: “Example” 1938 - (80 år)

An error has occurred in the TNG software. This may be due to a configuration issue, incomplete upgrade, or a program error. If you are the site owner, please contact TNG System Support for assistance with this issue. Please copy the query below and paste it into the message. (From google translator) Spørring: SELECT display, eventdate, eventdatetr, eventplace, age, agency, cause, addressID, info, tag, description, eventID, collapse, ldsevent FROM (tng_events, tng_eventtypes) WHERE persfamID = "I4" AND tng_events.eventtypeID =tng_eventtypes.eventtypeID AND gedcom = "EK" AND keep = "1" AND parenttag = "" ORDER BY ordernum, tag, description, eventdatetr, info, eventID

Unknown column 'ldsevent' in 'field list' – ldsevent is not in tng_events or tng_eventtypes Not only on person, but source and another tables to.

On DNA test: Spørring: SELECT testID, test_type, test_date, match_date, ydna_haplogroup, mtdna_haplogroup, tng_dna_tests.personID, tng_dna_tests.gedcom, test_number, firstname, lastname, lnprefix, nameorder, suffix, prefix, title, person_name, mtdna_confirmed, ydna_confirmed, markeropt, notesopt, linksopt, surnamesopt, private_dna, private_test, dna_group, dna_group_desc, surnames, MD_ancestorID, MRC_ancestorID FROM tng_dna_tests LEFT JOIN tng_people ON tng_people.personID = tng_dna_tests.personID AND tng_people.gedcom = tng_dna_tests.gedcom ORDER BY match_date DESC, test_number ASC LIMIT 50

Unknown column 'person_name' in 'field list' – the field “person_name” does not exist in noen of the table this request are picking up

All links from first page are gone and must be reconnected in some way. The path in the templates seems Ok. Do I really need to reinstall all?