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The following illustrates how you can use the Template Settings introduced in TNG V8 to change the photos, headings, links, and text for Template 5. Also included are instructions that were extracted from the index.php and topmenu.php for Template 5 on how to use text instead of images for the page heading.

TNG V8 Template Settings allows you to change what images will be used for:
  • your Home page
  • your other TNG pages

and enter the text for your Home Page

  • Main Title
  • Welcome paragraph

for Template 5

Template 5 settings


If you create your own images, you should use the same dimensions as used by Template 5 as shown below for the default images provided.

Template 5 home page photo

  • file name is mediumphoto.jpg
  • dimensions are 160 x 121 pixels
  • used in line 135 of index.php


Title is entered as text in the Main title input box for Template 5 in Template Settings

If you support multiple languages, you can use the Template Settings - Multi-language Mod to support entering text in different languages.

Depending on the length of your text string, you may need to increase the width of the banner class, for example

.banner {
	width: 750px;  /* was 585px; */

See following section for an alternative and more flexible way to define dimensions.

Screen layout

The default dimensions for the main window and various columns of Template 5 are defined with fixed (pixel) values. To have the screen automatically scale to the screen resolution being used, these dimensions need to be defined with percentage values. A TNG Forum topic, Template 5 - How do I make it wider? provides an example, some advice and a link to a sample mytngstyle.php file.

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