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The following illustrates how you can use the new TNG V8 Template Settings to change the photos, headings, links, and text for Template 6. Also included are instructions that were extracted from the index.php and topmenu.php for Template 6 on how to use text instead of images for the page heading.

TNG V8 Template Settings allows you to change the text for:
  • Welcome paragraph
  • Search paragraph
  • Family Histories paragraph
  • Most Wanted paragraph
  • Resources paragraph

and enter the text for site banner

  • Header title, part 1 - 3
  • Header subtitle

and enter the parameters for two sets of extratrees pedigree (His Side and Her Side)

  • His Side label and Her Side Label
  • Family Histories links (His) and (Hers) - change the
    • I1 and I2 to the personIDs for the paternal and maternal lines for His side and I3 and I4 for Her side
    • T0001 to your tree ID
    • Individual 1 and 2 to the names for His side and for Individual 3 and 4 for Her side

for Template 6

Template 6 settings

See Creating a composite image for the steps used to create a new titlebottom.jpg image using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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