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Construction Note that this page only contains the TNG V9 template change highlights and is not complete Construction

Ambox notice.png Template changes in TNG V9 include
  • additional templates (Template 9 and 10)
  • ability to use names for templates
  • elimination of the limit on the number of templates
  • ability to preview template images in Template Settings
  • preview of the template look and feel in Template Settings
  • ability to create multi-language content for home page
TNG 9.0

Several major changes were made to Template Settings in TNG V9

  • 76 Templates: Images can now be previewed and changed from the settings. The dimensions in pixels are also displayed for each current image.
  • 77 Templates: Templates can have names instead of numbers, and the number of templates is not limited anywhere.
  • 78 Templates: There are new templates to choose from (thanks to C5 Designs).
  • 79 Templates: Previews of the template look-and-feel are now visible on the Template Settings pages.
  • 80 Templates: Template messages may now be easily translated into other languages (you supply the translation).

Note that before upgrading to TNG V9, you need to save your templateconfig.php file from TNG V8 so you can apply some of the same updates to the TNG V9 Template Settings.

Preview Templates

In TNG V9, you can now preview the template look and feel within the Template Settings by changing the number or name of the template.

TNG V9 Template Preview

Preview Images

In TNG V9, you can also preview the image used for the template.

TNG V9 Image Preview

Note that if you changed the image, the Preview of the new image will not be available until you have saved the Template Settings and then re-open them.

Change Images

In TNG V9, you can also change the image used for the template by

  • using the Browse button to find the image on your computer
  • manually updating the file name in the image input field

TNG V9 Change Image

Note that if you change the image, you must save the Template Settings file, before you can Preview the new image.

Multi-language text input

In TNG V9, you can now create multi-language home pages. The Template Settings - V8.1 Fixes and Template Settings - Multi-language Mod previously provided to accomplish this are now obsolete.

Note that if you were using these mods in TNG V8, you will want to save a backup copy of the cust_tmplvars.php file from each language in order to copy and past the same or similar updates in TNG V9.

In order to enter text for more than one language, you need to select the allowed language from the Create copy in pull down list and then click the Go button to get a new input field for that language.

Note that you should use the same language order when creating the information to avoid confusion since the input boxes for the different languages will be added in the order they were created in the Template Settings.

TNG V9 language text box selection

TNG V9 language specific input box

How to Code Variables

Need a section on how to code the Template Settings variables for user created templates, with examples based on template folder name used.

See Understanding Template Settings - TNG V9