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This article discusses some of the issues that may arise after you have moved your local copy of your TNG site to a web-hosting company and how to fix them.


  • This article assumes that you have a working copy of TNG running on your Mac (using MAMP) and a version of your site running on a web hosting service
  • This tutorial does not use or discuss the MAMP PRO application


Permissions error

If you search the TNG Community forum for the phrase "403 forbidden", you'll find a number of postings concerning this warning that can appear.

Here's one possible issue and how it was fixed. Whilst it's hoped that everything goes smoothly, sometimes this may happen when you go to the web address for the location of your online TNG website....

Image of 403 error

In this instance it was an issue related to the permissions of the "my-tng-site" folder. Note that this can be a bit hard to track down, as the permissions of all the files and folders inside this folder were fine...but the folder itself had the wrong permissions.

Incorrect permissions on folder

There are various ways to correct this using a web-hosting company's online tools... But in this example, an FTP application called Cyberduck was used to change the permissions on the folder to 755...

Correct permissions on folder

If that's not the issue in your instance, do a double check of all the settings that you have changed. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a typo in one of your settings that might cause an issue. But in this instance, that's all it took to get a running version of the TNG site that was on a Mac, now up running on a website!

My TNG website


Google maps and a localhost key

Google now allows you to use the same Maps API key on your live website that you use on your local computer.

Go to this page - Google Maps - Getting Started

...and have a read of the section called "Localhost key" to see how to have both your website address and the localhost address listed in the same API key.

In the example on that page, the localhost entry is added...but in the situation where you had the localhost version of the API key running successfully, you would just add in the domain name of your website for the website hosted version of your TNG website.

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