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The UltimateRack is an virtual military rack builder that allows you to create your ancestor's or relative's U.S. military service ribbon racks.

Select Services

Select Military Services

Step 1 - To create your military service ribbon rack you must first select the U.S. military services and the All or Multiple U.S. Military Services by checking the appropriate boxes


and then click the Proceed button

Select Medals

Select Options

Step 2 - Select the options for generating the ribbon rack.

If you unselect Add UR tag line that adds a link to the UltimateRack site, then you should add the link in your media description back to this site.

Select Medals

and then select the medals your ancestor or relative is entitled to wear.

Most of the medals are probably in the Multiple Services section and only those specific to the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard are in the specific service section.

Build Rack

and then click the Build My Rack button. This will launch a separate window that contains the generated military service ribbon rack.

Save Image and Map

Save Rack Image

Right click on the third image with no fabric background and do a Save Image As (Mozilla FireFox and SeaMonkey) and save the image to your own computer so you can upload it to your Military Ribbons folder.

Save Image Map

Scroll down the Highlight All box to the <map section and select the <area statements as follows

<area shape="rect" coords="214,32,319,62" href="#" 
onMouseover="doTooltip(event,'World War II Victory Medal')" />
<area shape="rect" coords="107,32,212,62" href="#" 
onMouseover="doTooltip(event,'European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal')" />
<area shape="rect" coords="0,32,105,62" href="#" 
onMouseover="doTooltip(event,'American Campaign Medal')" />
<area shape="rect" coords="107,0,212,30" href="#" 
onMouseover="doTooltip(event,'Purple Heart')" />
<area shape="rect" coords="0,63,319,77" href="http://ultimaterack.ajandj.com" onMouseout="hideTip()" 
onMouseover="doTooltip(event,'Visit UltimateRack to Create Your Own Rack - Click Here')" target="new.Window"/>

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