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An Approach to Regressed Mods

For example, the TNG 7.1.1 upgrade changed the code in the leftbanner.php and main.php scripts which the Mod Manager modified to provide anchors in TNG Admin. After installing TNG 7.1.1 upgrade, you will notice that the Mod Manager is no longer shown in TNG Admin left nav area nor as a button.

Without having to uninstall previous TNG modifications prior to the TNG upgrade, you could use the capability of the Mod Manager to cleanup partially regressed mods and then re-install the mods using the following approach.

Cleanup Regressed Mod

For example, after installing the TNG 7.1.1 upgrade and launching the Mod Manager directly from the web browser URL ...admin/manage_mods.php, the following status indicates a need to cleanup the regressed mod.

Mods Manager regressed TNG711.jpg

Once you have clicked the Cleanup button, you will need to click the Confirm Clean button to cleanup the partially regressed TNG mod.

Mods Manager confirm cleanup on upgrade.jpg

After the Mod Manager cleanup runs, it will return the cleanup status

Mods Manager cleanup of regressed code.jpg

Re-install Regressed Mod

After you click the Return to Status button, the Mod Manager should indicate the mod is OK to Install.

Mods Manager install after cleanup.jpg

After clicking the Install button, you will need to click the Confirm to Install button.

Mods Manager confirm install after upgrade cleanup.jpg

After the Mod Manager install runs, it will return the install status.

Mods Manager return to status.jpg

Update Mod Config File

If the Mod Manager Status does not show OK to Install after a Cleanup attempt, you may need to make changes to the config file for the TNG mod.

For example, if the status is Bad Target, the likely cause is that the code being verified has changed.

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