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Steve Sharpe

My Websites

My TNG website is Lathrope Family Genealogy (v13.0.1)

My main web site is at Led Zeppelin
  • A fans website all matters concerning the Group, Concerts, Records Etc

TNG Languages

  • English English

TNG Mods that I use

I have the following TNG Mods (sortable column) installed on my website, with each mod's author(s) listed (also sortable). The Notes section below the table are just reminders to myself.

Listing of TNG mods that I have installed (up-to-date, as of 18 Nov 2021):

Mod name Version Author(s) Signed TNG v13.0.1 My settings reminders Notes
Add Person Siblings Row Jeff Robison yes yes
Adjust Date Field Width Brett McPhee yes yes 220
Admin menu link Michel Kirsch yes yes
Age at marriage Michel Kirsch yes yes
Ancestor map Réal Charlebois yes yes
Collapse Family Children Jeff Robison yes yes
Collapsible Standard Events Erik Hoppe yes yes
Comments Erik Hoppe yes yes
Connections Michał Jarociński yes yes
Count Ancestors n Descendants Erik Hoppe yes yes
Date Analysis Warren S Gilbert yes yes true Admin only
Descendant Vertical Chart Adjust Ron Krzmarzick yes yes
Display Social buttons by default Mahesh Upadhyaya yes yes
Expand Statistics A. S. DuPree yes yes
Google Maps - More Place Levels Mod Roger Moffat yes yes
Hide events Michel Kirsch yes yes
Married Name Display Larry Lewis yes yes
Married Name in Search Mod Luke Weerts yes yes
Maternal And Paternal Lines Erik Hoppe yes yes
OpenStreetMap Erik Hoppe yes yes
Person Map Bart Degryse yes yes
Place Map Wendel Voigt yes yes
Private Trees Jeff Robison yes yes
Relationship Display Mod Jeff Robison yes yes
Research Link Mod Gerald Leehan yes yes
Show All Family A. S. DuPree yes yes
Show death in search results Steven Davis yes yes
Show Nicknames Niels Kristensen yes yes
Submit Photo/Document Form Mod Jeff Robison yes yes
Submit Photo Tab Mod Jeff Robison yes yes
Surname Statistics Graham Chamberlain
Jeff Robison
yes yes
Wikipedia Link Mod Luke Weerts yes yes