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Darryl Brady

TNG Web site is at Brady Family Tree in Western Australia

Using MODS

Ads for TNG
Ancestor map
Burial Website Media Import
CSV Reports for Admin only
Cemeteries Admin List
Cemetery Edit
Count Descendants
Create Site Map Mod
Custom Counters Mod
Customized Logs Mod
Display Social buttons by default
Divorce Indicator
FGW Tabs Mod
Family Chart Mod
Family Group Worksheet V10
Family Indicators Mod
Family Preview Mod
Fan Chart
Geocode Assist Mod
Life Dates Mod
Living Color Mod
Living Flag Backup / Restore
Maternal And Paternal Lines
Persistent Bookmarks
Person Map
Personal Table Maintenance
Place Map
Redundant Person Tabs
Relationship Display Mod
Same Person Link
Show Error Logs Mod
Show Siblings
Submit Photo/Document Form Mod
Submit Photo Mod
Submit Photo Tab Mod
Surname Exclude 30/100
TextPlus Charts
Unused Media
User Sorting
Wikipedia Link Mod
World map mod