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My real name is Phil Williams but I often use the handle RottenSod. There is a long and complicated explanation for this that I won't bore you with here!
I am now retired but have been involved in computing and writing programs since the age of 16.
I was an Electronics Engineer by trade but have held a few varied positions in my time!
Aberdyfi, or Aberdovey as it was known when I was born there, is a beautiful picturesque seaside village. At one time it was a very busy port and a great number of ships used to sail in and out of Aberdyfi transporting copper and lead from the local mines.
Many of my ancestors were master mariners and/or ship-builders. My Taid (grandfather), John Davies Williams, sailed around the world twice before taking up the post of Trinity Pilot like his father before him. Hen Taid (great grandfather), Captain Owen Williams, was a Master Mariner and predominantly worked in the home and coasting trade.


My Main (TNG) Web site is at Williams Family Tree

Other sites I have created:

  1. Fleckney.Online
  2. Fleckney Walking Club
  3. Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club


My Contact Form

My Mods

I have written a number of Mods that I use for myself and may get around to publishing some of them at some time in the future:

  1. Census Data: Create and display UK Census information on individual pages. This extensive mod adds Admin options to create, edit and delete census records in the TNG database. These records can then be linked to individuals so that the census information is displayed on the individual page.
  2. Census Sort: Set Census as the default collection in the admin order medium form as that is more likely what we want to sort!

And place an "I" in front of the ID number if there isn't one there already.

  1. Census Update Helper: Census Updating - Make life easier!
  2. Jump to ID: Enter the ID of a person instead of searching for him/her! I find it sometimes easier to enter the ID of a person on occasions as you only have to use one text box, hit return and jump straight there. Individual IDs are generally prefixed by the letter 'I' and the inclusion of the 'I' is optional in this mod - it will be added if not present.
  3. Template 15 Mod: Add links to the Menu Bar for Blog, Guestbook, and Wiki, update the CSS file, and copy over the files and pictures for the main menu. Template 15 only.