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Hi, my name is Erik Hoppe.


My main TNG Web site is at Andersson, Hoppe, Sahlin and Thorell Families
(TNG v11.1.2 - customized template #1)

I've got an almost fully public site at Local community research (in Swedish)
(TNG v12.3.0 - custom template #15 and lots of mods ;-)

TNG Colouring Book

I wrote the TNG Colouring Book, an on-line free mytngstyle.css editor.
Use RGB buttons or input values for your favourite colours.

Read what Darrin said about it.

Mods I Use (made by others)

Mods I Use (made by me)

Mods I Don't Use (made by me)

Private Mods I Use

  • (Could be public if there's a demand...) Example page to see the first five mods: Andersson, Hoppe, Sahlin, Thorell
    Log in is not required to see them in action.
  • In getperson.php:
    Remove data removes, from the Personal data section, Name, Occupation and Gender as they are displayed in the heading.
  • In getperson.php:
    Move Family moves the complete Family data section above the Parents data section.
  • In getperson.php and familygroup.php:
    Move Family Events and Media removes all Family events except Marriage and Divorce, from getperson.php.
    Also displays only a "Media Available" (and a Familychart link) at the getperson.php page if there is Family media/albums.
    Shows all Family events, including Marriage and Divorce, at the top of familygroup.php.
    Also moves Notes from the bottom of the familygroup.php page to the corresponding events at the top.
  • A page counter at the bottom of all pages.
    As I use the Bad Bots Beware mod (below) it counts almost exclusively human visitors. Almost exclusively...
  • In the log.php script:
    "Bad Bots Beware" bans a lot of bots and spiders except the ones I like (Google f.ex).
    Also prevents the bots (bad and good) to be logged, thus almost exclusively logs human visitors. Almost exclusively ;-)

Other Mods I've Made