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The raison d'être of TNG is to share - with any Internet user - such parts of your family history as you wish to be made visible. It considers anyone accessing a TNG website as belonging one of two categories: guests (‘anonymous visitors’) or users (‘registered users’).


A guest is any person able to access a TNG website; they are permitted to view whatever information the website database contains about deceased persons. They can also see the existence of living persons (if there are any) but not any information about those living persons except their family connections, unless they are granted those privileges as a logged in user. Anonymous or non-logged in users will only see the word Living or Private for persons that have been marked private. For example, if Andy's two children are alive, anonymouse guests will be able to see that Andy has two children, but not able to see their names or any information about them. Logged in guests might be granted the privilege to view the information if Andy's family is part of the tree/branch to which the guest user was assigned.

What a logged in guest is allowed to view in regards to living persons or persons marked private on a TNG web site depends on the privileges they have been granted and on Privacy Settings established by the TNG Website Administrator. See Setup - Privacy for more details on options allowed, which can be set as:

  • Depending on User Rights
  • Never
  • Always


Users are those persons approved to login to a site. A logged in user might have different roles from a guest role only, editor roles or subsets of the administrator role that allow them to assist with the entry and maintenance of the data displayed on a TNG website. Generally, users are relatives - however distant - of some ancestral branch of the website administrator.
Users first register for a new user account on the website's home page. The website administrator approves their user name and password, assigning them such privileges as deemed appropriate for the role that particular user is to play. These privileges can be as little as the right to view information about living persons, or as much as having the same rights as the website administrator.

See the User Roles for information on what a User is allowed to do on a web site.

Website Administrator

TNG defines a website administrator as the primary user:  the person who maintains the website and has full access to all its components. Generally, the website administrator is the person who bought and setup the TNG components in the first place.
When a TNG website installation is first set up, it is critical that a website administrator is created, or it may be possible that anyone visiting the website will have full rights to add, change, or delete anything!

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