Using the Basic Viewer for US Census

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Caution The following procedure for Import from Ancestry applies to Firefox and SeaMonkey only and likely do not work with other browsers. Caution

If you have a paid subscription to, you can find the Census images and save the transcripts so they can be processed by the Census Feature mod using an approach like the following:

  • save the transcript file with a file name that you recognize and can easily distinguish from other census DOM Source txt files
if you have scripts from both the standard (or basic) image viewer used in v9000 and v9211, then you should probably add a _int or _interactive to the .txt file name, for example
  • save the census image with a file name that allows you to find the image associated with a specific census
  • Save the image to your census folder with a file name that uses part of the URL for the dbid= and iid=, for example
    For the interactive viewer, you can create the dbid=xxxx&iid=xxxx-zzzz.jpg using the interactive URL as follows
  • where the first number is the Db ID, in this case 6742
  • and the second number is the Image ID, in this case 4241561-00058
so the image name would be dbid=6742&iid=4241561-00058.jpg
  • copy the transcript file to the TNG transcriptsource directory
  • copy the image file using the dbid= and iid= name to the census directory


There are different considerations in using the Census Feature mod depending on whether you:

  • Import a GEDCOM from a desktop genealogy program
  • Use TNG as your master database

Importing GEDCOM

See Census Feature considerations when importing GEDCOM for additional details

Using TNG only

See Census Feature considerations when using TNG only for additional details

Import from Ancestry

If you have a paid subscription to, the easiest way to obtain a census transcript is to import it.

You can click on the [Collapse] link on the right to hide the screen capture or [Expand] to display it again.

Import from Ancestry

Image Viewer

The image options should be set to use the Standard Image Viewer

Use Standard Image Viewer

Selecting Transcript

To select the transcript for import, right click to the right of the image or in the index area.

Selecting Transcript to import

Capture Image and Transcript

Save Image

In order to display the census image from your web site, rather than providing a link to, which requires a paid subscription for users to view the image, you should save the image with a file name that is made up of part of the URL for the dbid= and iid=

Note based on the image shown below, the file name must be saved as dbid=6743&iid=4241561-00594.jpg and FTPed to your census folder.

Save image to census folder

Save Transcript

View Selection Source

Save Transcript Source

Import Transcript

FTP Transcript

After saving the transcript text source file, you need to FTP the file to the TNG transcriptsource folder created by the Census Feature mod

Import Saved Data

The following are the steps to importing the saved transcript file from

  1. You should select the file that you FTPed to the transcriptsource folder in the Import from Ancestry tab.
  2. Uncheck the Delete after import? box if you want to keep the transcript file on your web site.
  3. Click the Import Saved Data button
Select Transcript File

Update Transcript

After importing the census transcript from, the Census Feature mod will take you through the necessary steps to update the information.

Add Household Number

You should add the Household Number to all family members in the household.

Note that if additional members are in the household, such as boarders and servants, if these people are not in your genealogy database, you should not add the household number to these people.

Note that the household number must be the same for all members in a household. If a family crosses images, where the Head of household is at the bottom of one page, and part of the family is at the top of the next page, you must enter the same household number for both transcript sources when assigning household numbers.

Select Tree

In order to support multiple trees, the Census Feature requires that you select a tree.

Select Tree

Assign Person IDs

You should assign personIDs to everyone in the household.

Assign IDs to Household Members

You should leave this tab (or window) open until you are done assigning the Person IDs.

If the correct person is not returned when you click the Assign ID button, you should enter the personID directly.

Enter personID Directly

Note that the Family Edit Links Mod which displays the personID might be useful for entering the personID directly.

Create Census Event

Add Event

Create Census Event

Link Media to Event

Linking media to the Census event

Import Considerations

Note: If you maintain your genealogy master database in a desktop program, the Census events (CENS) should be created in your desktop database using the census year only for the event.

Admin Update Transcript

If you imported a census transcript and later want to make other updates, you have to use the Admin >> Census >> Update Transcript or Assign IDs screens to make the changes.

You can search on the Township and Year to find the correct census to update.

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