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The Mod Analyzer, created by Rick Bisbee, the author of recent versions of the Mod Manager, can help any TNG site administrator figure out the source of mod conflicts, and can help mod developers figure out the exact locations in a mod where the conflicts occur.

The Analyzer can help you detect whether other mods might be in conflict with the one that shows Bad Target errors.

The mod analyzer is located under a Mod Manager tab that is hidden by default. To see it, you must go to Mod Manager Options, expand the Display Options, and enable the appropriate option. The exact wording of the option and of the Mod Manager tab are different for different version of Mod Manager. You may see the tab as Analyzer (as in the examples below), or perhaps as Analyze TNG Files. Either way, the analyzer does the same thing

List of Target Files Modified

The analyzer works by examining every mod in the mods folder and cataloging which target files and which blocks of code each one modifies. It then lists all files that are modified by any mod on your site. Selecting one of those target files displays a list on the right showing all of the mods that change that file. Each of those mods is a possible partner in the conflict that started you down this path. You can work through that list to determine which mods contribute to the conflicts. (See Finding the Conflict below)

Each mod shown on the right side of the Analyzer has a link that displays the actual modifications made by that mod. Mod developers and other advanced users can utilize that detailed information to determine where, within the conflicting mods, the conflict occurs.

Note that the Analyzer does not show whether the mod is installed or not, so if you have mod cfg files in your mods folder that are not installed, they will show in the list of mods that modify the file you selected.

Analyzer select file.png

Mods Changing the File

The list returned is helpful not only to find conflicts between two mods but also to know which mods need to be cleaned up and re-install when the given file is replaces.

Show Modifications

You can click the Show modifications for a mod in the list of TNG mods to display the changes that the selected mod makes to the file selected in the Select Modified File list.

Analyzer mods changing.png

Finding the Conflict

Take the list of candidate mods, and, for each mod that is installed,

  1. Uninstall the mod
  2. Look at the mod listing for the mod that reported the errors to see whether any of the errors have been resolved
    • If some of the errors have been resolved, then you have found a conflicting mod.
    • If the first mod now shows "OK to Install", then you have found the conflicting mod, and you can stop searching.
  3. Reinstall the mod

You can send the names of the conflicting mods to the mod author, along with information about the locations inside the first mod, as described in Reporting Mod Errors

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