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Caution Please use the VisualEditor with caution. While a fix has been installed to prevent destroying Media: links that generate the Save As dialog, there might be other issues that are still unresolved Caution

The VisualEditor was added to the TNG Wiki with the MediaWiki 1.35.1 software upgrade.

When creating a new page

  • Create link invokes the VisualEditor
  • Create source link invokes the WikiEditor

When editing a page

  • Edit link invokes the VisualEditor
  • Edit source link invokes the WikiEditor

You can switch editors

You can switch editors by clicking the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the toolbar

VisualEditor Might not work

You may not be able to use the VisualEditor in all cases. See Might not Work

VisualEditor Quirks

For some of the VisualEditor Quirks or behavior you may need to get used to, see Visual Editor Quirks