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Web Developer is a FireFox Add-ons that adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools, such as

  • CSS
  • Resize
  • Tools

See Webmaster Tips for a writeup on the toolbar options


FireFox Web Developer CSS Options

When you click the CSS button on the toolbar, you will get an option list.

If you select View Style Information then the style used will be displayed in the Web Developer window while you mouse over parts of a web page as shown in the image below.

FireFox Web Developer toolbar


Resize allows you to resize your web browser to see how your page displays in other browser sizes. 800 x 600 is provided with the tool. You can select Resize, Edit Resize Dimensions and add 1024 x 768.


Tools can be used to validate CSS and HTML. Note that if you are running on a local wampserver, you need to select the Validate Local CSS and Validate Local HTML.

See XHTML Validation for common errors with recommended corrections

TNG User Related feedback

  • I used this FireFox Add-ons a lot to know what CSS style class controls the formatting and also to validate pages. Very highly recommend it! Ken Roy 07:35, 9 July 2008 (CDT)