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Article Naming considerations

Some alternate Article names

  • I am not saying that these are the names that these articles should have been
  • These are just alternate names with the KEYWORD first in the title
  • Also, with the KEYWORD first...any similar articles will be grouped together within the index via the alpha sort
Migrating mediatypes mod <<< Media types - Migrating
Move your configuration files <<< Configuration - Moving files
Understanding the templates <<< Templates - Explained
Changing to UTF-8 <<< UTF8 - Changing to
Adding new media types <<< Media types - Adding new
Create Gendex <<< Gendex - Creating
Post Gendex <<< Gendex - Posting
Create your own Most Wanted report <<< Reports - Most Wanted (Creating)


MediaWiki solutions

  • Alternate name code/syntax for the Category index
  • Redirect method
  • Straight numeric name for an article that is not going to be included in a index/table of contents

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