2 clicks for more privacy Mod

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2 clicks for more privacy Mod
Summary Integrating of the two-click solution
("2 clicks for more privacy")
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Download link 2_clicks_for_more_privacy_Mod_v9.0.0.0.zip‎ for
TNG 9.0

2_clicks_for_more_privacy_Mod_v9.1.0.0.zip‎ for TNG 9.1.0
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Homepage 2_clicks_for_more_privacy_Mod (diese Seite)
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Latest Mod Version for TNG V9
Min TNG V 8.0.0
Max TNG V 9.1.x
Files modified
genlib.php, cust_text.php, footer.php
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Purpose of the mod

The red arrow shows the share (split) link. Here were the first social networking links. The Share/Hide-link can still be additionally switched off in the admin area: View Admin >> Settings >> Configuration >> Global Settings >> Social Network Links
Then the Share/Hide-link is no longer displayed.

See the following web links for the reason why the '2 clicks for more privacy Mod' is needed:

Links were provided by Bart Degryse on the TNG V9 beta testers list.

  • Best solution to block the sharing links: ShareMeNot

This modification integrates the links from the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These links are disabled so they do not every time call "home" by every TNG page(s)!
In sharp contrast to the "share" links of TNG, so they are deleted by this mod!




  • A working TNG installation.
  • A backup of the following files:
  • genlib.php
  • footer.php
  • cust_text.php-files

(Semi-) automatic installation

  1. Download of the 2_clicks_for_more_privacy_Mod file
  2. After download unzip zip-file, put the folder "socialshareprivacy" in the root of TNG and copy the files of the folders "mod" and "js" in the same folders in your TNG-installation.
  3. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install the 2_clicks_for_more_privacy_Mod-file.

Remarks on integration in the individual templates

The modification installs the social networking links in the footer of each page respectively, except in the footer of the homepage (index.php).

If you want to paste the links in the footer of the homepage, then you only need
<div  id="socialshareprivacy"></div>

paste this code.
You can also delete this code from the footer and use it at any other locations. (If the code is compatible with the TNG code!)

Supported languages (cust_text.php) & templates

German-UTF8 und English-UTF8
For other languages ​​must be performed manually additions in the cust_text.php files.

Only the templates 1-10 are supported, but it is very easy to customize template! Note above the "Remarks on integration in the individual templates"



(Permanently) Setting

Permanently Agree Info Two Click Solution Mod.png

Whom the transfer of data and the convenience is more important, those can activate permanently the button of what he regularly used social network . Therefore you tick the matching checkbox under the gear-icon and you have the same condition as at many other Web sites: The selected button is always activated immediately. On the gear-icon you can change it later again.
Quelle: www.heise.de

Site views of the modification

2 clicks for more privacy sleep activ
Facebook Facebook Info Two Click Solution Mod.png Facebook activ Two Click Solution Mod.png

The concept is simple. By default, embeds "the" 2 clicks for better data protection"-solution disabled one button, make no contact with the Facebook-servers & co. Only when the user activates it, and thus declares his consent to communicate with Facebook, Google or Twitter, are the active buttons and make the connection.
Then the user can transmit its recommendation with a second click. Is th user registered with the social network of his choice already, which is done on Facebook and Google + without another window.On Twitter you get a pop-up window where you can edit the text of the tweet yet. One click means one of the buttons so that the user consents to transmit data to the operator of the social network. But just for that one page and for the selected service. When calling other Internet sites will return to the disabled button. So you can use the social networks without having to create this same complete surfing profiles.
Quelle: www.heise.de

Twitter Twitter Info Two Click Solution Mod.png Twitter activ Two Click Solution Mod.png
Google+ Google plus Info Two Click Solution Mod.png Google plus activ Two Click Solution Mod.png

Sites using this mod

Please add TNG sites that you have found that utilize this modification!

URL User Note Mod-version/TNG-version used user-language(s)
My family (no public site) Oname.gif Template 3 see at Oname.gif users site D,(NL),(GB)